Khandaani Shafakhana Meaning | ख़ानदानी शफ़ाख़ाना

Shafakhana [also spelled as shafakhana, shafaakhaanaa, shafaakhaana etc., Devanagari:शफ़ाख़ाना] is an Urdu word which comes from shafaa (शफ़ा), recovery, and khaanaa (ख़ाना), a place, thus making shafakhana, meaning a place for recovery, i.e. a hospital, or a clinic. This khaanaa is pronounced with the kh- from the epiglottis, as opposed to खाना which means food.

However, these days, the word Shafakhana in India is often limited to clinics of certain kind, where taboo issues, mainly those related to sex, are claimed to be resolved.

Khaandaani [again, spelled as khandani, khandaani etc. as well, Devanagari:ख़ानदानी, is a common Urdu word, well-known in the Hindi belt as well, and means belonging to a family, familial. It's also used for belonging to a respected family.

Khandaani Shafakhana, thus, means a familial clinic or a hospital, but mostly likely one which is not much reliable, and may have a quack instead of a doctor.

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