Ainvayi Ainvayi Meaning

Ainvayi is a Punjabi word which in Hindi would go, Aise Hi, and would translate to 'Just Like That' in English, or you can also say 'without any reason.'

Ainvayi Ainvayi is a song from Band Baaja Baaraat.


Anonymous said...

hi!..can u pls translate this song...wht does lagde chichore mean??

Harshit Gupta said...


Lagde Chhichhore means who look superficial, kinda mean, of low level.

Anonymous said...

can anyone please post the entire ainyavi song lyrics translation ...

Unknown said...

can sum1 plz translate da whole sng kindly cz i really dn undrstnd punjabi bt i jus luv dis song :)
thnk u

Anonymous said...

translate the entire song please! (:

Anonymous said...

With the vessels of eyes filled with collorium
Even flippant look hi-fi
A dagger passes through my heart
My heart jump's and asks 'why?'

I have become a biscuit dipped in tea

I am squandered without any reason

Get aside,you wretch,you dish of indica
Why don't you leave me and stop roaming about me
I shall make you right by hitting you
With my sandal on the head
You have turned into a Romeo without permit

I have applied gel to my hair
I have exercised to get a broad chest and muscular body
You have defeated me by your plan,
With the basket ball of your talks

You can't impress a girl with gel
You can not pass life with muscles
I know perfectly what's in your heart
The nature of boys does not change
You stick to girl like a fly to sweet

Why do you keep waiting in my lane?
Why are your actions so down market?
Whenever I see through the window
You wistle and irritate me

Leave your attitude and agree,girl
I shall give a blank cheque or even my life
Soften your heart made of brick
See this young guy
I have reduced to one and half feet from six feet

Anonymous said...

The title of this song still doesnt make sense to this American reader, even after reading other sites talking about it. Here we dont say 'just like that' in the context that it is being put. I think maybe 'just because' might be better. For example - A boy sticks his gum under the table when sitting down for dinner, the mom says "why did you do that?!" The boy shrugs and says "just because" (I don't know...there was no reason). We never say 'without any reason' or 'Just Like That'. The sentiment seems difficult to translate despite being so simple!

Anonymous said...

I live in America and the phrase "just like that" makes a *lot* of sense. "Just because..." is a common slang phrase used by young people who do not have any reason. The term "ainvayi" *does* mean just like that, or in Hindi as "aisle hi"; if you were to say "just because", in Hindi it would be "kyun ki..." and not "aise hi".

Anonymous said...

I think it just simply means 'without a reason' - the words ainvey ainvey!!!!

Anonymous said...

ainveyi ainveyi is a panjabi word which people use when they do not have an answer for something. therefore lut geya means lost so the real meaning is that i have become lost just like that without reason. i think this is a reference to getting lost in love but you don't know how or why it happens and so they say it just happened

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me the meaning of "With the vessels of eyes filled with collorium
Even flippant look hi-fi"
I mean if this is a sentence of common use? (expecially "look hi-fi")

Harshit Gupta said...


actually I didn't get what you mean by meaning of the phrase/sentence. It's already translated to English. However, will tell you what it actually is about.

The guy basically is talking about the eyes of the girl which are applied kohl, kind of a black line made at the bottom of the eyes to make them look more pronounced.

and as for looking hi-fi, it's common phrase for people, but this is probably the first time someone uses them for eyes. however, it does look interesting here.

Please let me know if that solves your query or is there something I completely missed in what you asked.


Anonymous said...

Harshit you are right I'm sorry
I missed to say that I'm italian so I don't understand the meaning of the common phrase I need a literal traduction I mean what do you want to say with "even flippant look hi-fi"?
Maybe tha the eyes are beautiful?
By the way thanks for the first part of the verse :D

Anonymous said...

I had to be more clear I'm sorry :D
I'm italian so i have some difficulties to keep the meaning of the sentence "even flippant loo hi-fi" even if it's a common phrase
Could you please be more "literal" By the way thanks for the first sentence
PS Sorry for my english :P

Anonymous said...

My Italian friend. The lyrics in question are essentially the male lead telling, or rather, WARNING the female lead that with the sort of eye makeup she is wearing, even a subtle glance from her is as piercing as a knife through the heart.

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