is Dard e Dil ki Sifarish ab Kar De koi Yahan Lyrics Translation

Baarish Lyrics

Movie: Yaariyan
Music and Lyrics: Mithoon
Singer: Mohammed Irfan, with Gajendra Verma

Yaariyan ve... Yaariyan
Yaariyan ve... yaariyan ve..
Yaariyaan... yaa..

these relationships...

Dil mera hai nasamajh kitna
Besabar ye bewakoof bada
Chaahta hai kitnaa tujhe
Khud magar nahi jaan sakaa

My heart is so mindless,
the imaptient (heart) is an idiot,
how much it loves you,
it didn't understand itself.

Is dard-e-dil ki sifarish
Ab kar de koi yahaan
Ki mil jaaye ise wo baarish
Jo bhigaa de poori tarah

Now someone make a case for
this pain of heart..
so that it gets that rain (of love)
that drenches it completely..

Kya huaa asar tere saath reh kar na jaane
Ki hosh mujhe naa rahaa
Lafz mere the zubaan pe aa ke ruke
Par ho na sake wo bayaan
Dhadkan tera hi naam jo le
Aankhein bhi paighaam ye dein
Teri nazar ka hi ye asar hai
Mujh pe jo huaa

what such effect was there of being with you,
I don't know,
that there was no sense left in me..
my words stuck on my tongue,
but couldn't get spoken..
In my heartbeat there is your name alone,
and the eyes give this message too.
It's all effect of your sight
that is there on me..

Is dard-e-dil ki sifaarish
Ab kar de koi yahaan
Ki mil jaaye ise wo baarish
Jo bhigaa de poori tarah

Tu jo mila
To zindagi hai badli
Main poora naya ho gaya
Hai be-asar duniya ki baatein badi
Ab teri sunoon main sadaa
Milne ko tujhse, bahaane karoon
Tu muskuraaye, vajah main banoon
Roz bitaana saath mein tere, saara din mera

As I found you,
my life has changed,
I have become all new,
all talks of world are ineffective..
Now I listen to you always,
I find excuses to meet you..
When you smile, I wish to be the reason,
(and wish) to spend all my day with you, everyday..

Is dard-e-dil ki sifaarish
Ab kar de koi yahaan
Ki mil jaaye ise wo baarish
Jo bhiga de poori tarah


shaikhom amujao said...

Thanks for translation

arditasari said...

Thank you. :')

vevek said...

this is a very nice song my current n diler tone also...


Hasan Mohammed said...

I can't stop listening it... what a song... love is beautifull ;)

ashok kumar said...

i love dis song :) . . .

Mohamed Dada said...

Awesome Song

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Love is nt a beautiful thing..It is actualy done by d people fa tym pass.. Both gals n boys.. All d love never end in a positive note.. Some may break up but crosin al dose which love leads to marriage n if dey lives happily dat is d true love.. Tis is actualy frm ma pov.. If wrong pls don mistake me.. Am sorry.. N cumin to d song ..Yes i realy agree tis song is damn good.. I agree dis fa ma heart:) Nice song n a good trans.. Thank you thanks a lot..:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you a lot for the translation..
Really good song.

Aj Benson said...

If someone really feels this way..then it's heaven on earth!!!

yatin sharma said...

Nyc song

Anonymous said...

I love u tanz !!!!

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