Haan Hasi Ban Gaye Lyrics Translation | Hamari Adhuri Kahani

Movie: Hamari Adhuri Kahani
Music: Ami Mishra
Lyrics: Kunaal Vermaa
Singer: Ami Mishra
Label: Sony Music

haan hansi ban gaye
haan nami ban gaye
tum mere aasmaan
meri zameen ban gaye

you have become (my) laughter,
you have become the wetness (of my eyes),
you have become my sky
and my earth..

haan hum badalne lage
girne sambhalne lage
jab se hai jaana tumhein
teri ore chalne lage

I began to change,
began to fall, and be steady..
since I have known you,
I have started to move toward you..

har safar har jagah
har kahin ban gaye
maante the khuda
aur haan wahi ban gaye

every journey, every place,
everywhere you became..
I thought of you as god,
and you have become god only..

haan hansi ban gaye
haan nami ban gaye
tum mere aasmaan
meri zameen ban gaye

pehchaante hi nahi ab log tanha mujhe
meri nigaahon mein bhi hain dhoondhte wo tujhe
hum the dhoondhte jise wo kami ban gaye
tum mere ishq ki sar-zameen ban gaye

now people don’t recognize me when I am alone,
they look for you even in my eyes..
the one I used to search, you have become that lacking in my life,
you have become the territory of my love..

haan hasi ban gaye
haan nami ban gaye
tum mere aasmaan
meri zameen ban gaye


Anonymous said...


munish said...


Anonymous said...

Wanna dedicate thiz song to my ... Bcoz thiz iz wat i wanna tell him...

Roopesh.R said...

Eyes r wet

Unknown said...

Fuck yes

Pramod Kumar said...


Anonymous said...

This is exactly how I felt about you, Sanj! :-(

Unknown said...

It's real nice song

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

World's best and beautiful song..... But the movie was so emotional...I've been crying for almost a week.

Unknown said...

My feelings towards my swt hrt are mentioned xactly.

shinta said...


Jonald TK said...

Wordz nt yt invntd 4 my feelings 2wrdz diz SONG😍😍😍 #EH

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! Exactly what I felt for you, what i still feel for you.
You were the one who completed me the most out of the 7billion people.But i guess our bond was not strong enough to live through the time.its been years,but heart still skips a beat when i think about you

Enoch Gangmei Gangmei said...

Heart touching song and music, I pray for the team to keep moving forward. May God bless you all the team

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