Hamari Adhoori Kahani Lyrics Translation | Title Song

Movie: Hamari Adhoori Kahaani
Music: Jeet Gannguli
Lyrics: Rashmi Singh, Virag Mishra
Singer: Arijit Singh
Label: Sony Music

paas aaye..
dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa huin
ek adhoori si hamaari kahaani rahi
aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahi
jaa mile.. jaa mile..
ishq sachcha wahi
jisko milti nahi manzilein.. manzilein..

we came close,
yet the distances never reduced.
our story remained incomplete..
it is not necessary that the earth always
goes to meet sky..
the true love is the one that
does not get a destination..

rang thay, noor tha
jab kareeb tu tha
ek jannat sa tha, ye jahaan
waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa
likh ke chhoD gaya tu kahaan

there were colors, there was light,
when you were near me.
this world was like heaven..
on the sand of time, you left
something like my name written..

hamari adhoori kahani..
hamari adhoori kahani..

our incomplete story,
our incomplete story..

khushbuon se teri yoon hi Takra gaye
chalte chalte dekho na hum kahaan aa gaye

I ran into your fragrances like that only..
see, walking, where have we come..

jannatein agar yaheen
tu dikhe kyon nahi
chaand suraj sabhi hai yahaan
intezaar tera sadiyon se kar raha
pyaasi baiThi hai kab se yahaan
hamari adhoori kahaani

if there are heavens here only,
why can’t I see you here..
the moon and the sun, everything is here only..
I have been waiting for you for centuries..
why is our incomplete story sitting here, thirsty..

pyaas ka ye safar khatam ho jaayega
kuch adhoora sa jo tha poora ho jaayega

jhuk gaya aasmaan
mil gaye do jahaan
har taraf hai milan ka samaa
Doliyaan hain saji, khushbuein har kaheen
paDhne aaya khuda khud yahaan..

this journey of thirst will get over,
that which seemed incomplete will be completed,
the sky has bowed,
and the two worlds have met..
everywhere there is season of meeting..
there are palanquins ready, there are fragrances everywhere,
even God himself came here to read..

hamari adhuri kahaani
hamari adhuri kahaani..


Waniya said...

aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahi jaa mile.. jaa mile.. ishq sachcha wahi jisko milti nahi manzilein.. manzilein..😍😍

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely song. As always, Arijit never fails to amuse. Gives the song the feeling it needs.

Anonymous said...

thank youu...

Anonymous said...


Umair Ahmad said...

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Anjali said...

Romantic and sad :(

shanthi reddy bhavanam said...

Superb song..heart touching..

Anonymous said...

Pramod Kumar said...


CoolPra said...

Another heart touching song from Arijit Singh...never fails to be a hit song...love the film and the song...thanks

Anonymous said...


sai akshaya said...

Wow Wat a movie.... Wat a song..... I Can see Myself in vidhya.... I Can feel the feel of her feelings in the movie....... Wat a lovely movie.... So beautifully she portrayed her cast in this movie..... True love..... True love is wen we love the one the miss which stops us in loving ourself.... Tears left with me..... Im still accepting the pain...... My incomplete story......

Kevin Antony said...

Emraan always does his best in romance and Arijit makes it heart touching... Hats off to both

raju bachit said...



My favorite of all time...:)

Hiren Indrani said...

Very heart touching song

santhiya parthiban said...

Every girl longs for such a love... It will be good if we were able to find our soul mate... We might get a good life partner or lover but a soul mate.... If everyone meets their soul mate then there will be no place for love failure.. Waiting for my soul mate...

Mukunda Nayak said...

Nice nice and nice....

Fiqah zaara said...

M keep singing this song.. Very heart touching song.. Lots of ❤ from Malaysia..

i know what you require said...

We've got one life.

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