Afghan Jalebi Lyrics Translation | Phantom

Movie: Phantom
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: Asrar (Syed Asrar Shah)
Music Label: T-Series

maqtool jigar (ya baba)
qaatil hai nazar (ya baba)
ik mahjabeen (ya baba)
ik noor-e-nabee (ya baba)
rab ki rubaayi (ya baba)
ya hai tabaahi (ya baba)
gardan suraahi (ya baba)
boli ilaahi (ya baba)

[Ya baba is something like O my god or O my Lord.]

my heart is killed,
your sight is the killer,
a beauty,
God’s poetry,
or a destruction,
her neck is long like a suraahi,
and her speech is heavenly..

Afghan jalebi
mashooq farebi
ghaayal hai tera deewana bhai wah, bhai wah
bandook dikha dikha ke kya pyar karegi
chehra bhi kabhi dikha na bhai wah bhai wah

(she’s like an) Afghan Jalebi,
(she’s a) deceptive beloved..
your lover is hurt, o wow, o wow,
will you love showing your gun only?
sometime show your face too, o wow, o wow..

o.. dekh daraazi (wallah)
banda namaazi (wallah)
khel ke baazi (wallah) khaamakha
ab Thehra na kisi kaam ka (wallah, wallah..)
meer ka koi (wallah)
sher suna ke (wallah)
ghoonT laga ke (wallah) jaam ka
mera aa’khan mahaz naam ka

[Wallah means God promise.]

See my physique,
(plus) I am a believer,
(but) having played this game (of love) for no reason,
I became useless now..
(Now) saying some couplet of Meer,
and having a drink,
my name is just for namesake now..

oye lakht-e-jigar (ya baba)
oye noor-e-nazar (ya baba)
ek teer hai tu (ya baba)
main chaak jigar (ya baba)
bandon se nahin to allah se Daregi
waada to kabhi nibhaana bhai wah, bhai wah

O piece of my heart,
O light of my eyes,
you are an arrow,
and I am the one with the ripped heart..
if not of His followers, you’ll be afraid of God,
and fulfil your promise some time…

bandook dikha dikha ke kya pyar karegi
chehra bhi kabhi dikhana bhai wah
bhai wah bhai wah bhai

khwaja ji ki paas teri chugli karunga
main teri chugli karunga
haan teri chugli karunga
angooThi mein qaid teri ungli karunga
main teri chugli karunga
haan teri chugli karunga..

I’ll complain to my Lord against you,
yeah I’ll complain against you..
I’ll capture your finger in a ring,
yeah I’ll complain against you..

gul-e-gulzar (ya baba)
mere sarkar (ya baba)
bade manshoor (ya baba)
tere rukhsaar (ya baba)
haaye shamsheer nigaahein
chaabuk si adaayein
nacheez pe na chalaana bhai wah, bhai wah

O blossomed flower,
O my lord, [well, now he calls the beloved his lord, the fickle minded lover ;) ]
your cheeks are so dishevelled..
your sword-like eyes,
and hunter-like gestures,
don’t use them on me, O wow..

bandook dikha dikha ke kya pyar karegi
chehra bhi kabhi dikhana bhai wah, bhai wah..


Anonymous said...

Whoever has translated this, it's beautifully put!

Unknown said...

Can you please translate the song 'nachda' from the film Phantom?

Chats said...

thanks man.... for explaining the song by the way can you do the same for Nachda song from Phantom

Khan jahan said...

I dont Know who wrote this poetry but its look just new and realy old wonderfull with Asrar's voice"""""

Shifting Sands said...

Yes please do nachda also

Anonymous said...

Whoa how nice is the meaning!! Though tough war its rrally traditionally

anuradha said...

I loved ur translation

Unknown said...

Amitabh Bhattacharya is seriously a lyrical legend. Amazing work.

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