O Khuda Bata De Kya Lakeeron Mein Lyrics Translation | Hero

Movie: Hero (2015)
Music: Amaal Mallik
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: Amaal Malik, Palak Muchhal
Music Label: T-Series

tere bin jeena hai aise
dil dhaDka naa ho jaise
ye ishq hai kya duniya ko
hum samjhaaye kaise

living without you,
is like the heart without a beat,
how do I explain to the world,
what this love is..

ab dilon ki raahon mein
hum kuch aisa kar jayein
ik dooje se bichhDe to
saans liye bin mar jayein

now let’s do something such
in this love of ours,
if we get separated,
let’s die without breathing..

o khuda..
bata de kya lakreeron mein likha
humne to..
humne to bas ishq hai kiya

O god,
tell us what’s written in the lines (of fate)
we have,
we have just loved..

pyaar ki in raahon mein
milte hain kitne dariya
laakh toofaano mein bhi dil ko
mil jaata hai zariya

in the paths of love,
so many oceans are there (to cross),
even in hundreds of thousands of storms,
the heart finds a way, though..

is dil ke iraadon mein hai itna asar
lehron se kinaaron pe karta hai safar

there is so much power in the intentions of this heart,
that it travels on the shores with the waves..

o khuda..
bata de kya lakreeron mein likha..
humne to..
humne to bas ishq hai kiya

aaj apne rangon se bichhDi hain ye tasveerein
haathon mein kahin TooT rahin hain
mil kar do taqdeerein

today these pictures are separated from their own colors,
two fates are breaking somewhere in hands,
after meeting..

duniya ye jeet gayi dil haar gaya..
nahi socha tha mil kar kabhi honge judaa..

this world has won, and the heart has lost,
I had never thought that we’d be separated after meeting..

o khuda..
bata de kya lakreeron mein likha
humne to..
humne to bas ishq hai kiya

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