Baby ko Bass Pasand Hai Lyrics Translation | Sultan

Movie: Sultan
Music: Vishal-Shekhar
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Shalmali Kholgade, Ishita, Badshah
Label: Yash Raj Music

re lakk dhak lakk dhak jaaTni ke
haav bhaav mein teji..
re anpaDh angaDh jaaT uThaave iske to nakhre ji.
wo likhi paDhi, wo laal chhaDi,
wo hukum kare, bas khaDi khaDi
hore aiso jaaT kare bas hain ji hain ji hain ji

there is strongheadedness in
the way of the Jat lady.
the illiterate, unsophisticated Jat (her husband/guy) bears her tantrums.
she’s literate, she’s an angry one,
just orders around, standing in one place.
and the Jat guy just keeps saying yes ma’am.

uski ankhiyan inglis bolein
meri anpaDh ankhiyan re..
baiThe baiThe lai gayi dekho
dil ko mere Thagiyaan re
haaye mere paas se hoke
phir wo DJ se jaake boli
bhaiya tu decide kariyo
ab beat chale ya goli
kyunki —
baby ko bass pasand hai
baby ko bass pasand hai
jab wo naache
mujhko uska face pasand hai
baby ko bass pasand hai

her eyes speak English,
my eyes are illiterate.
just sitting (without doing a thing)
she has robbed me of my heart.
then she passed nearby me,
and told the DJ,
“now you decide whether
there you play beats or have violence here.”
because —
baby likes bass.
when she dances,
I like her face.
baby likes bass.

haaye mere bhole panchhi
paDh na ulti paTTiyan re
bhool na mere saath khaDi hain
meri solah sakhiyan re
tere jaise baDe chaudhary dekhe hain marjaane
song suna ke english ke jo Daalein desi daane
kyunki —
baby ko bass pasand hai

O my innocent bird,
don’t get misled.
don’t forget with me there are
sixteen of my friends.
I’ve seen many like you,
who listen to English songs and try local tricks.
because —
baby likes bass.

jaane ye kaisa asar hua hai
hashar hua hai dil ka jo,
tujhe hai dekha, jaise hoon bhoola
baaki saari duniya ko
shamelessly peechhe tu paDa hai
definitely DheeTh baDa hai.
khud ko tu samjhe cool baDa hai
par fool baDa hai

I don’t know what an effect has happened,
that the heart is in this bad condition.
since I have seen you, I seem to have forgotten
rest of the whole world.
you are behind me shamelessly,
you are definitely very insolent.
you think of yourself as very cool,
but you are such a fool.

gusse mein red red ye face pasand hai,
baby ko bass pasand hai.

I like this face red in anger.
Baby likes bass.

now chhori wanting dance
but chhora want romance
so chhora bole dj se
je ee no taking chance

now the girl wants dance
and the guy wants romance
so the guy asks the DJ
to not take chance..

dono haath hawa mein kar ke naachein
joDi baDi se moderen
baby se jo panga lega
ho jaayegi problem.

both dance with hands in the air
the pair is quite modern,
whoever creates any trouble with baby
will be in a problem.

chhori chhori hit se fire se
sab laDko ki desire se
yo chalta phirta fashion show
baby bijli ki nangi wire se
main paagal ho gaya tere pichchhe
dil mera teri heal ki nichche
Takk Takk bajti je dance floor pe
jab tu naache
aankhein meeche.. aankhein meeche…

the girl is hit, she’s fire
she’s the desire of all guys
this moving fashion show
is a live wire.
I have gone crazy for you,
my heart is under your heal.
which plays on the dance floor
when you dance with eyes shut..

speaker ka volume usko tej pasand hai
babby ko bass pasand hai
ho baby.. baby ko bass pasand hai

she likes the speakers’ volume high,
baby likes bass.

re lakk dhak lakk dhak jaaTni ke
haav bhaav mein teji..
baby ko bass pasand hai
re lakk dhak lakk dhak jaaTni ke
haav bhaav mein teji..
ooh! baby ko bass pasand hai

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