Tere Chumme Mein Chavanprash Hai Lyrics Translation | Bhavesh Joshi Superhero

Movie: Bhavesh Joshi Superhero
Music: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singers: Divya Kumar, Pragati Joshi, Arohi Mhatre
Label: Eros Music

Chavanpraash or Chawanprash or Chyawanpraash is an Ayurvedic dietary supplement quite widely consumed in India, especially in the winters. Here, in this quirky, fun song, the protagonist (Arjun Kapoor doing a special appearance here) compares his lover's kiss to chyawanprash, explaining how it keeps him healthy and strong, while borrowing some words from various chyawanprash advertisements as well and building on them.

tere chumme mein chavanprash hai
vitamin jaisa har andaaz hai

there is chavanprash in your kiss.
every style of yours is like vitamins.

swaasthya ke liye – chumma!
achchha hai baRaa – chumma!
chumma ye tera sachchaa hai baRaa
din mein do dafaa – chumma!
chaahiye sanam – chumma!
rakhta hai mere khoon ko garam

Your kiss is good for health,
your kiss is very truthful.
I need your kiss twice daily,
it keeps my blood hot and pumping.

meri, o meri meri tandurusti ka yahi raaz hai
ho tandurusti ka yehi raaz hai
ki tere chumme mein, ahaa...
tere chumme mein chavanprash hai

it's the secret to my health,
there is chyawanprash in your kiss.

tu jo seene se – jhapak
aake lag jaaye – lipaT
gym na jaakar hi body ban jaaye

when you come and embrace me,
my body builds itself without even going to the gym.

haan tu jo seene se aake lag jaaye
gym na jaakar hi, ho body ban jaaye

dil ka routine hai
ishq protein hai
jiska bhanDaara tere paas hai...
meeThi baatein ye teri jaaneman
sab sugarfree hain baRi khaas hain

it's the routine of the heart,
love is a protein,
that you have a collection of.
all these sweet talks of yours,
are all sugarfree and very special.

tere chumme mein – chavanpraash hai
ho tere chumme mein chyawanpraash hai

swaasthya ke liye – chumma!
achchhaa hai bada – chumma!
chummaa ye tera sachchaa hai bada
din mein do dafaa – chumma!
chaahiye sanam – chumma!
rakhta hai mere khoon ko garam

aaya meri mehfil mein
muscle waala majnu
kolhapuri Schwarzenegger
naam kya hai jugnu
hero jaisi chaal
badan pe hain baal
haaye allah, haaye allah!
Dole shole dekho dekho
haaye allah, haaye allah!
aankhein vaankhein seko seko

this muscled loverboy
has come to my party.
a local Schwarzenegger from Kolhapur,
what's your name, O firefly?
your walk is like that of a hero,
there is hair on your body,
O God, O God!
look at his muscles,
O God, O God!
pleasure your eyes...

ho la la, ho la la...
ho la la Dinga la la
ho la la, ho la la...
ho la la Dinga la la
Dinga la la, Dinga la la
haaye haaye haaye haaye...

teer naino se – saTak!
jab chalaati hai – khaTak!
calorie tan ki tu jalaati hai
omg, teer naino se jab chalaati hai
calorie tan ki tu jalaati hai

when you shoot arrows with your eyes,
you burn the calories of the body.

teri zulfon tale saans bharne mein hi
meditation ka ehsaas hai...
tu hi trainer hai tu hi premika
chalti phirti tu yoga class hai...

even in breathing under your hair,
there is a feeling of meditation.
you are the trainer and you are the lover,
you are a mobile yoga class.

tere chumme mein chavanprash hai

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