Alvida Meaning

Alvida means Goodbye.

Alvida is an Urdu word.

Alvida has different roots, al is Persian/Arabic while Vida is Sanskrit/Hindi.

Alvida also sounds like German 'auf wiedersehen' (pronounced 'al vee der zane') which also means Goodbye.

I'm suddenly wondering if due to this complexity only somebody wrote 'Kabhi Alvida na Kehna..' (Never say Goodbye).


Anonymous said...

I thought it meant:
Al = To
Vida = Wind
i.e. Gone.

Anonymous said...

The german "auf wiedersehen" is not pronounced "al vee der zane"
There is no "l". "auf" is really prononced with f. Sounds like "ouch!" but with f instead of ch.

Anonymous said...

'Alvida' is entirely from Arabic.

It exists in Persian and Hindi, but it is not from either language.

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