Twinkle Twinkle Main Little Star: Prelude Translation (Dirty Picture, The)

Buddhe ho gaye
Par dil ab bhi jawaan hai
Aankhon se sukh lete hain, bade shaitaan hain
Bachcha naa bana diya toh 'Silk' mera naam nahi
Hosh na raha khud ka toh mujh par ilzaam nahi

You have become old,
but your heart is still young,
You feel (enjoy) with your eyes, you're very naughty,
If I don't make you a child, my name is not 'Silk' (a challenge, saying she'd make a child out of him)
If you don't lose your consciousness, then the blame is not on me.. (again challenging that she'd make him intoxicated with her)

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