O Naadaan Parindey Ghar aa ja: Lyrics, Translation (Rockstar)

Movie: Rockstar
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singers: Mohit Chauhan, A R Rahman

O naadaan parindey
ghar aa jaa..
ghar aa jaa..

O naïve bird,
come back home..
come back home..

kyun des bides phire maara
kyun haal behaal thaka haara
kyun des bides phire maara
tu raat biraat ka banjara

why do you wander country-country (in such bad shape)
why is your condition so bad, all tired-lost
why do you wander this country to that
you (have become) a nomad of nights..

sau dard badan pe phaile hain
har karam ke kapde maile hain

a hundred pains are spread on the body,
clothes of all compassion are dirty..
(guess that means, all the sources of compassion are not there for you right now)

kaate chahe jitna paron se hawa ko
khud se na bach payega tu
tod aasmanon ko phoonk de jahanon ko
khud ko chhhupa na payega tu
koi bhi le rasta
tu hai tu bebasta
apne hi ghar aayega tu

however much you cut the winds with your wings,
you'll not be able to fend yourself from yourself..
break the skies and burn the worlds,
but you can't hide yourself,
whatever path you take,
you are homeless (out there)
you will come to your home only..

o naadaaan...
o naadan parindey, ghar aa jaaa..
ghar aa ja. ghar aa ja. ghar aa ja.

kaaga re kaaga re mori itni araj tujhse chun chun khaiyo maans
khaiyo na tu naina more, khaiyo na tu naina mohe piya ke milan ki aas..

O crow, I have so much of request to you, eat (my body's) flesh,
but do not eat my eyes, don't eat my eyes as I have a wish to see my lover..

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Ricky said...

The meaning is not: stupid bird. In this context, the phrase 'nadan parindey' refers to naive bird or innocent bird.

karan said...

I second you Ricky...it means innocent/naive bird.

"har karam ke kapde maile hain"
your "clothes of karma"(the human body) is all maligned with ill-deeds.

I think(not 100pc sure) this refers to a verse from The Gita which says that the soul passes from one body to another body like a person taking out dirty and worn out clothing(because of his deeds(karma)) and putting on new ones.

Anonymous said...

kaun hain yeh.....nadaan matlab innocent. not stupid.plz write the meanings correctly.....atleast non hindi ppl should understand clearly.......plz dnt do dis mistake again

Anonymous said...

"kagare kagare mori...." can any1 tell me what language is this...??

Harshit Gupta said...

It's Hindi in its a little old fashioned way, almost in the Braj dialect, something like u might hear in the poetry of Meerabai n Raskhan.

Anonymous said...

According to me,(not sure) KHAGA is a sanskrit word which refers to a BIRD..

Harshit Gupta said...


U are absolutely correct, but it's not khaga (खग) but Kaaga (कागा).. Pretty sure of that one.

kush said...

kaaga is referred to

shashank929 said...

"sau tald badan par phailey hai,
har karam ke kapde maile hai"

what is the meaning of tald here??

Harshit Gupta said...


I guess it's Dard, not tald. pain.

Anonymous said...

Kaaga = crow

as in "ud jaa kaale kaaga" (Gadar) or "mai ni mai munder pe teri bol raha hai kaaga" (Hum Aapke Hain Kaun)

narayani said...

KAGA :- in sanskrit it means not only a CROW..... it is used in places to say BIRDS or PARINDEY.....! AND here in this song it does not reffered to a crow.... it indicates a general BIRD.

Harshit Gupta said...

Dear Narayani,

As far as I know, Kaaga is used for Crow. Have studied that for years in my Hindi and Sanskrit classes. Still, I would take your definition, but it's not talking about the Parindey here, the Parinda who is coming home and the Kaaga who is eating him are NOT the same. He is not calling the bird home to eat him.

Here, the Kaaga is mentioned as crow is by mythology, as well as science, one of the most common creatures who eat dead bodies, and that is what he is talking here about.

Anyway, I have given my best now, still if you wish to assume that Kaaga is Bird, the Parinda, you can go with that.

Harshit Gupta said...


Read Para 2, Line 1 of last comment as 'Here, the Kaaga is mentioned as crow which is..'

Anonymous said...

da page visit count is fake it alwayz starts at the same number when u entr...thank u ...have a nycc day :)

Anonymous said...

Parindey=>eagle.(parunthu in malayalam)
Naadan=>native(eg :naadu)

It refers to native eagle in this context.

Anonymous said...


Kalpesh Sagathia said...

Meaning Chahe koi sa bhi ho, bt song ka koi Jawab nahi... I listen it since last 1 mnth..repeat n repeat...!! thank u so much Rehman.

Anonymous said...

jab gane ke lines likhe jate hai to uska sahi matlab sirf likhne wale ko hi pata hota hai jahe uska word ka dictionary meaning kuch or kyo na ho,,,,,dhunn me bithane k liye 1 word k kai meaning leke chalna padta hai....hamare ya tumhare sochne se kuch nhi hota hai wo to likhne wala hi sahi janta hai k usne us word ka kya matlab waha use kya hai...ok dont argue with each other on a single word.....just listn & feel the song....Plzzzz

Anonymous said...

what a song meaninful song i salute the lyricist and the grt musician rehman ji :)

Anonymous said...

yes u r right ....all nonsense ppl r fighting with nonsense reason(lyrics)!!!!!just enjoy the grt song & hv FUN...

Anonymous said...

i think the song is awesome and the meaning of the kaga kaga mori itni.....................................................aas is a doha of ramayan wich says that the singer wants the bird to eat all the body except the eyes so he can see his lover or god

Unknown said...

i say kaaga means bird....100% sure

hemanth said...

Hi. I have a feeling that this song is sung by the guy about what the girl feel for him. Here, he is The innocent bird who strived for fame n roamed places n is all covered with sins. And the girl's heart is asking him to come back home as u r homeless anywhere u go, how much ever u try.
In the last two lines, the girl is requesting the crow not to eat her eyes as she wants to see her lover, the innocent bird.

This is what i feel, how the lyrics r written. The guy realises n understands her feelings for him n so expresses it.

hemanth said...

Anyways, awesome lyrics, awesome composition and yes super awesome movie.

Harshit Gupta said...


Well, though I don't really agree with your point of view here, I found the first para convincing to a tiny-little extent.. but then about the last two lines being from the girl is something I would strongly disagree to. The lines, right from the beginning, that is from the poetry of Baba Fareed, have been sung by the male only.. and also, in the culture of our poetry, females do not generally talk about post-death things in such a, what I would say, harsh, raw words. If you get me, 'chun-chun khaiyo maans' would not really be expected from a female when you are talking in such deep poetic manner. So the theory, to me, fails here very strongly.

However, I'd like to thank you for making me think with a whole new perspective. :)

psysumo said...

friends, i am just posting the subjective thoughts that arose after listening to the song and going through the lyrics n number of times and subsequently relating it to the movie. kindly pardon me lest my conceptualization should be wrong.

well, the singer is singing this song at the pinnacle of his misery which is shortly after his lover passes away due to a dreaded disease. now he can no longer find her (soul) anywhere in this world. his psyche/soul has taken the form of a bird( parinda) which is wandering in search of "her soul". the singer is left with his lifeless body.

so he is urging his soul to come back and also at the same time wondering as to why the soul is disheveled. the body is also expressing indirectly about the soul's "karam" (from "karma" meaning the sum of somebody's good and bad deeds in one of their lives, believed to decide their fate in their next) that is tarnished in this life due to which the body is full of pains.

Now, the singer's lifeless body is still awaiting the return of it's lost soul. so he is requesting the crow that has come to scavenge on his carrion, to selectively ("chun chun")eat his flesh and urges the crow to spare his eyes,as they(his eyes) are longing(aas) to see his lover.

the song (and the movie) ends by showing his lover's apparition/ spirit/ soul/ psyche smiling at him and gesturing him to follow her. the singer's face glows with full of joy, as if he has come back to life. he/his wandering soul has finally found her.


Anonymous said...

the lines "kaga re kaga re more...." are one of the best lines i have ever heard.

the appeal by the lover to keep only his eyes so that he can se his soulmate tuches heart, and ranvir has acted that part(and also other parts) beautifully.

the movie never becomes a compilation of concert videos, amazing.

if only could nargis fakri act better!

Ecommerce india said...

REally very nice song...


Thanks for translation! I love this song!

Anonymous said...

The translation here being nice,I think the singer's request to the crows not to feast upon his eyes refers to the belief that the soul resides in one's eyes.Its an age old practice to place coins on a dead person's eyes for the soul's journey to afterlife.So the singer here wishes for his soul to rise and unite with his beloved.(piya se milan ki hai aas...)

moon said...

I like the lyrics but the last part is silly. I mean seriously, eat my body’s flesh but my eyes. Dude if the crow eats your body’s flesh/other parts you won’t be alive even if your eyes are untouched. The illustration doesn’t make any sense to me. I think it has crossed the limit of metaphor from logic to stupidity.

I like other parts of the song, it is meaningful.

Anonymous said...

different people have different point to see something...yet they all are correct in their own way....
when someone dies the crow is called where the person is burned thats a long story....but he request him to eat only the flesh...but not eyes..
this can be seen as a different point of view when crow refers to the persons around him he ask them do anything they want but dont take that one thing his "hope"(eyes)....to see the person whom he love...!!

Unknown said...

This is my favourate song...

Unknown said...

By nadan parinde ghar aja, is he referring his lover girl to come back to him?

Anonymous said...

the line "kaga re.." is a complete rip of from a bangladeshi folk song which goes like " Amar shara deho kheo go mati... Ei chokh duto mati kheo nah... Ami more geleo tare dekhar shokh" ...such a shame

Harshit Gupta said...


It's not a lyric written by Irshad Kamil. It's just a folk/sufi song which is old that is used here. And such folk songs go across languages. Nothing for a shame here.

Anonymous said...

Folk songs and sayings can be used without "shame". And why only bangladeshi, listen to Kailash Kher's rendition too.. "Kaaga sab tann khaaiyo , mora chun chun khaiyo maas ...".

Is this song calling the dead loved one back? Well, i think its more of a soul-searching song for his own self. But then, you could look at it the way you like.

Anonymous said...

The lines every one is arguing about is by Baba Fareed and they are in Punjabi. Crows like vultures are considered scavengers that eat dead/dying bodies..Baba Farid is requesting the crow (kaag)in this couplet to eat whatever flesh he wants but leave the eyes intact so he can see his pir (guru/peer/master/beloved) before he dies. Irshad Kamil has just translated that into hindi or braj bhaasha as someone else noted..the original doha is this
Kaaga karang dhandoleya (o crow you have searched my entire body/being) sagla khaaya maas (and have eaten all the flesh you could) eh dui naina na chuiyo (please don't touch (eat) my two eyes.) mohe pir dekhan ki aas (for I harbor the desire to behold my "pir" with these eyes.

Unknown said...

Thnx for ur translation... Aftr knowing the full meaning of song... Its really an awesome feeling

Unknown said...

it is in hindi, kaga means crow, here kagare meaning hey crow

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