Tum ko paa hi liya: Lyrics, Translation (Rockstar/ Kavita Krishnamurthy)

Movie: Rockstar
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Kavita Krishnamurthy Subramaniam

Tum ko paa hi liya
Maine yoon
Jaise main hoon
Ehsaas tera
Paas main tere hoon
Tumko paa hi liya
Paa hi liya Maine yoon..

I finally got you,
As I am,
your feeling,
I am near you,
I finally got you..
finally got you..

Jahaan mein
Jahaan pe bhi
Seene se laga le
Main toh hui ab tere hawaale
Bandishe naa rahi

In the world,
wherever you
take me into your arms,
I am all yours,
there are no limits now,

Tum ko paa hi liya
Paa hi liya
Maine yoon
Jaise main hoon ehsaas tera
Paas main tere hoon

kabhi tu..
Kahin pe bhi ab na dhoondna mujhe
Main har jagah miloongi ab tujhe

Tum ko paa hi liya
Paa hi liya Maine yoon
Tu jaane ya main jaanoon ye
Saath main tere hoon

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Amit Valmiki said...

Irshad Kamil, always best. makes fall in love after reading his lyrics or listening his written songs. Tum ho is really song which made place in my heart. well thnx for lyrics.

Haris said...

ARR made it again
Irsath lyrics are mindblowing with chowhan voice
Nadaa parinday and shehr mein make me hypnotic..
tx for lyrics frnds

nisha said...

The song song is awsome....
whenever i listen to this song it takes me to the another world....
the song is very close to my heart.. <3

Anonymous said...

this is a amazing slow romantic songs . i love this song like anything .everyone should listen to this song you will get into it .seriously.

Anonymous said...

Irshad kamil is just love...love his lyrics��

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