Aaromale/ Aromale Meaning

Well it's a no-brainer if you have the cassette cover or even the track name as it is from Ekk Deewana Tha, because that says 'Aromale (My Beloved)' already. But just in case you had a doubt or applied some brain in the no-brainer, here is a make-sure that the meaning of the Malayalam word is 'My Beloved' only.

Of course, if you have seen the credits in detail, you know that there are Malayam words in the song, and might have guessed from there that the word Aromale is Malayalam as well. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Yeah that's right,im from kerala. Aromale means 'my beloved'. :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous --- u dont need to be frm KL to confirm this.

சித்தார்த் said...

'Omale' means my love. The prefix aar in Malayalam (and in Tamil) denotes abundance. Aromale thus becomes beloved (much more than just 'love')

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