Sonu Nigam's Rashtra Prem ki Bhavana: Lyrics, Translation

Rashtra Prem ki Bhavna, by Sonu Nigam, Lyrics with English Translation and Meanings

Music: Deepak Pandit
Lyrics and Singer: Sonu Nigam

Ye rashtra prem ki bhavana
Bas matra ek hai kaamna

this feeling of patriotism,
just (that) one wish is there..

Hridaya ke seep mein aas ka moti
Tam ghan jan man mein ho jyoti

pearl of hope in the shell of heart,
there should be light in the deep dark of people's hearts

Araj hai yahi bharat ke rakt me pravaahit ho
Rashtra prem ki bhaavana
Bas maatra ek hai kaamna
Rashtra prem ki bhaavna

the wish is that in the blood of India, there be flowing
this feeling of patriotism,
just (that) one wish is there..
a feeling of patriotism..

Dharm ke charm me chhipe, bheDiyoN ki kami nahi
Bair ka na hai aasma, bhed ki zameen nahi
Hil miljul jal thal chal seenche

there is o dearth of hidden in the skin of religion,
(but) this sky is not that of hate, the earth is not that of distinction,
(meaning, the sky and the earth don't distinguish and want all to live together)
come, let's irrigate the earth and water (with love) together..

Hridaya ke seep .. Rashtra prem ki bhaavna

Yug yugoN ki hai sanskriti
Maati mein naa milaaye hum

Aur viraasat ki aad me
Pragati ko naa bhulayein hum
Gyan ki taan ka maan chalayeN

this culture is many eras old,
let's not destroy it (literally: not mix it into earth)

and in the name of heritage,
let's not forget progress..
let's honor the tune of knowledge..

Hridaya ke ... Rashtra prem ki bhavana


rashtra prem = love for country, patriotism
tam = darkness
jyoti = light
pravaahit = flown


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Anonymous said...

A few corrections to lyrics and/or meaning :
Dharm ke charm me chhipe bhediyon ki kami nahin
Meaning : There is no dearth of foxes, hiding under the skin of religions (... which we should be cautious of)

Bair ka na hai aasma, bhed ki hai zameen nahi
Meaning : Hatred knows no upper limit (not even the sky), Just as discrimination knows no lower limit (.. and goes deeper than even the ground)

Gyan ki taan kamaan chalayen ...
Meaning : stretch the string of the knowledge-bow(kamaan) and fire (at ignorance)

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