Hua Chhokra Jawan re: Lyrics, Translation

Hua Chokra Jawan re, Lyrics with English Translation

Movie: Ishaqzaade
Music: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan, Vishal Dadlani
Label: Sony Music

Hua chhokra jawaan re
Hua chokra jawaan re
Hey hey, hey hey, hey hey

The boy has become a young man now,
the boy has become a young man..

Arrey chooza choon-choon karta hai, galiyon aur chaubaro mein
Phenka phaanki karta phire tu toh apne yaaro mein

Like a chicken keeps squalking in streets and yards,
you keep boasting among your friends..

Phenka phaanki kuch nahin sach baat jo bayan ki
Dhahaad hai jawaan ki mardangi mastane ki
Oye, ab tu bhi maan le, naino ke jaam de
Oh aaja re aaja ja re aaja re aaja

There is no boasting, whatever is truth I have told
It's a roar of the youth, the manhood of lover boy,
Now you too agree, give me the drinks of eyes,
Oh come on, come, come here..

Hua chhokra jawaan re jawaan re jawaan re
Hua chhokra jawaan re, hua chhokra jawaan re

Haan mere munna, baat sunn na
Yeh jawani nahi koi khilauna
Pehle jao, seekh ke aao
Pyaase naino ki pyaas ko bhujaana, hoye
Tabhi-toh tabhi-toh tabhi-toh tabhi-toh hoga mua chhokra jawaan re
mua chhokra jawaan re

Oh my little boy, listen to this,
This youth is not a toy,
First go and learn
to quench the thirst of thirsty eyes, and come,
then only, then only will the damned boy become a man..

Oh chand baby, jo chance degi, kyun doon
Pyaas kya hai main bhookh bhi mita doon
O hum hain seekhe, aur sikhaaye
Nain kya hai poore tann ko main bhiga doon
Oh aaja re aaja ja re aaja re aaja aa

O Chand baby, if you give me a chance.. Why should I give?
What's thirst I'll end your hunger too..
I'm learned, and have taught,
What's in eyes I can drench your whole body..
Oh come on, come, come..

Hua chhokra jawaan re, hua chhokra jawaan re

chhokra jawaan hoon main, lyss hoon jawaani se
Bore ho gayi hoon main teri lantarani se ho ho
Thaam le kalaaiyaan ussi ko jawaan maanu main
Oh din dahaade tujhko tujhi se aa chura loon main
Chal-chal bohat dekhe hain

I'm a young man, full of youth..
I'm bored with your boasting..
The one who holds my wrists only shall I consider man now..
I'll steal you from you in broad daylight..
Go I've seen many such..

Danke ki chot pe, re seena thok ke
Aaja re aaja ja re aaja re aaja
Hua chhokra jawaan re jawaan re jawaan re hey..
Kya gaata hai! Kya gaata hai!

Loudly and proudly,
come, come..
The boy is a young man now..
What singing! What singing!

Oh chooza choo-choo karta hai
Dhahaad hai jawaan ki
Arrey pheenka bhaagi karta hai
Mardangi mastan ki

Karne pe jo aaun, sagar mein barsaun
Baaton ke badshah, barsa ke toh dikha
Beh jaayegi deewani, teri mast jawani
Bhadkegi chingari, laptegi chingari
Haye teri yeh adaa, main ho gaya fida
Chal tu sach main jawaan na hona mujhse judaa
Main fida fida fida
Na hona mujhse juda

When I decide to do, I rain seas..
O king of talks, rain and show me..
O mad girl, your lovely youth will flow away..
The spark will become flames..
Oh your style, I'm all flattered.
OK you're really a man, don't go away from me..
I'm gone, gone, gone..
Don't get away from me..


Music lover said...

Thank you. i was waiting for this transaltion

prashanth said...

"Mann jaage" song from Bittoo Boss (2012) is awesome...can you provide the subtle meaning ?? Not just the meaning of words...
Do you think the song is overflowing with emotions?? Or just appropriate ??
I liked the song so very much!!

Harshit Gupta said...

About Mann jaage:

Haven't seen the movie so I'm not hundred percent sure about the meaning here, but what I can infer here is that the hero has in some way left his love but his heart is still not able to accept it. That's more or less the whole essence of the song.

Anonymous said...

is she gauhar...???

Sunny said...

thanks for the translation.

jonathon said...

wonderful song. Very well written. Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot...... excellent translation

varnika said...

lovely song...

David said...

Awesome movie...tooo good songs.
My favorite is Hua Chokra jawan rey :D A huge fan of Vishan Dadlani's voice and style of singing

Jiah said...

This translation is too good
Karne pe jo aaun, sagar mein barsaun
Translated as
When I decide to do, I rain seas..
LOL this is hilarious :D
Enjoyed the translation :D

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