Gulle ki Begi, Begi ka Gulla: Meaning from Matru Title song

Gulle ki Begi, Begi ka Gulla.

Yup. Many are confused what the words in this title song of Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola are, and many aren't sure of the meaning. If you try to Google, people have even searched for 'Gulle ki bheegi' because the words are so new to them, they have no idea what is being sung. Yet, the truth is, it's something very easy, very simple. As simple as Jack and Queen. Gulaam and Begum. Gulla and Begi. That's Gulzar for you.

Here Gulla is Ghulam, that is Jack from a pack of cards, and Begi is Begum, the Queen there. And the line says that the Queen belongs to the Jack and the Jack belongs to the Queen, and when you open the tent, it's all open out there. Jab Tambu Khola, Tab Khullam Khulla..

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