Rumaani/ Rumani Meaning

Rumaani or Roomani is an Urdu word which means Romantic.

The word was used in Hindi film 'Thoda sa Roomani ho jaayen' as part of title, which means 'Let's get a bit romantic.'

The word also makes the title of a song from film AkaashVani.

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A Gypsy said...

Wow some people are really ignorant. Rumani, Roomani, Roomaani & other forms of the word belongs to that of the Eastern European gypsies, whom, by the way are the ORIGINAL gypsies & refers to their religious beliefs & life culture/belief. The different spelling are based upon the dialect that you speak & write. The gypsies had spread throughout Europe, Asia, Africa & eventually America when it became colonized. Many peoples have tried to call themselves gypsies but are not. You must have gypsy blood to be considered part of the Rumani. It's associated with the book of Genesis which was applied to nomads. It means those who roam or wander and have no exact land of their own. But of course, American historians always feel the need to make up their own definitions for things that they have no knowledge of.

Rumani is NOT an English word for it existed before there was an England. It predates the birth of Christ & even the Roman Empire. It traces back to Genesis. I have first hand knowledge of this for I am part of that culture as were many of my forefathers.

Normally we do not speak out on these matters, but I am tired of those who keep trying to stamp on our traditions and try to claim them as their own or assign credit to the wrong people.

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