Tere Bina Hum Jee Lenge Lyrics Translation (Murder 3)

Movie: Murder 3
Music and performed by: Mustafa Zahid

Ye mere dil ka jaana
Ek aakhiri faisla hai
Ab saath hoga na teraa
Ye dard ki intehaa hai
Tha pyaar tera to jhoothaa
Sachcha magar ye Khuda hai

This is the last decision
of my heart, o dear..
Now your companionship won't be there
This is the extremity of pain..
Your love was false,
but this God is true..

Tanhaiyon mein roya hoon
Tab jaa ke mujh ko mila hai
Duniya ke rishton mein to
Ye hotaa hi raha hai
Laila aur Majnu bhi to
Ek doosre se juda hain

I have cried in loneliness,
Then I have got (Him)..
This keeps happening in the worldly relations,
Even Laila and Majnu
are separated from each other..

Tanhaai ka ashq mitaaye yahaan
Barbaadiyan bhi sab ko jaane mili hain kahan
Tere bina hum jee lenge
Phir kyun rahe koi gile
Tere bina hum seh lenge
Woh zakhm jo tujh se mile..

The tears of loneliness kill here,
even the destruction hasn't been given to all..
I'll live without you,
then why should there be any complaints (against you)..
I'll bear without you,
the wounds I got from you..

Hai rut nayi, mausam nayaa
is daur mein kaisi wafaa
Bhar jayegee teree kamee
Mil jayega ab kuchh nayaa
Haan khush hain ab hum to
Tujh se kahaan hum khafaa hain
Tune chunaa hai wo rasta
tere liye jo banaa hai

it's a new time, new season,
where is faithfulness in this time..
I'll find something new now..
I'm happy now,
I'm not angry with you..
You've chose the path,
that was made for you..
(In this entire para, the tone is sarcastic)

Ehsaan tera main maanoon
Tanha mujhe jo kiya hai
Jo pyaar tera hai khoya
Lagta hai khud se milaa main
Kis ko milaa sang umr bhar ka yahaan
Wo hi rulaye dil chaahe jisko sada

I feel obliged to you,
that you've left me alone,
Now that I've lost your love,
I feel I've met myself..
Who's got a companionship of a lifetime here,
The one that the heart loves makes you cry..

Tere binaa hum jee lenge
Phir kyoon rahe koi gile
Tere binaa hum seh lenge
Wo zakhm jo tujh se mile..


Anonymous said...

Amazing lyrics.. Roxen rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

perfect way of translating :)

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Anonymous said...

awesome song from roxen band....!
Hats off to Mustafa Zahid.

farhan gujjar said...


farhan gujjar said...

It's Speachless

shakil said...

love it........ wow

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jibran said...

Wow !!!! Amazing !!!!

Unknown said...

Thanku fr exact translation

Unknown said...

The moral of the story is simple. It's about admiration, and it enlivens people. Something to hum appropriate in employee participation, which is a important and complex management and management issue nowadays.

Joy Shikder said...

This lyrics full part of my life :( when i read this lyrics and listen this song i feel i'm nobody :( Speechless bro thank you so much :(

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