Chakh Le Ye Murabba Lyrics Translation (Bombay Talkies)

Movie: Bombay Talkies
Music: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: Kavita Seth

Sabr ki meethee chaashnee mein bhigo kay
Waqt khadaa hai martbaan mein le ke
Le, chakh le ye murabbaa
Dil mein, rakh le ye murabbaa

Getting it drenched in the sweet syrup of patience
Time is standing, holding it in a jar..
Take it, taste this jam..
Keep this jam in your heart

[some context: a common Hindi proverb 'sabr ka phal meetha hota hai' means 'the fruit of patience is always sweet'. A murabba is a kind of jam where you soak fruits and sometimes vegetables in sweet syrup so that they are sweet and also don't rot.]

Zindagi.. jaisi iski zaat hai
Jitni zyada umar hai, baat hai
Beet ke, jitne mausam chhoo gaye
Utne is ke seene mein jazbaat hai
Kal se zyaadaa, aaj tar lagtaa hai
Kal phir khaana behtar lagtaa hai
Le, chakh le yeh murabba

Life, as its nature is,
The more its age, the better it is..
As many weathers touched it and passed,
So many emotions are there in its chest..
[as in, every passing weather gives birth to a new emotion in one's heart.]
It feels more soaked than yesterday,
and eating again tomorrow feels even better..
Take, taste this jam..

Kisi ka sanjoyaa hua
Tujh tak aayaa hai ye
Le, chakh le yeh murabba
Kisi ki kadardaaniyon ka sarmaayaa hai
Dil mein rakh le yeh murabbaa

It has reached you
as it was cherished by someone..
Take it, taste this jam..
You're indebted to someone's mercies (for this),
Keep this jam in your heart..


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot dude...keep it up

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for translation of this absolutely wonderful song.

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