Subhanallah Jo Ho Raha Hai Pehli Dafa Hai Lyrics Translation

Movie: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: Sreeram Chandra

Ek din kabhee jo khud ko taraashay
Meri nazar se tu zaraa, haaye re
Aankhon se teree kyaa kyaa chhupaa hai
Tujh ko dikhaaoon main zaraa, haye re
Ik ankahee si daastaan daastaan
Kehne lagegaa aainaa
Jo ho raha hai pehlee dafa hai wallah
Aisa hua..

One day, if you sometime admire* yourself
from my eye,
What all is hidden from your eye,
I shall show you..
The mirror will begin to say an unsaid story
God is great,
whatever is happening, is for the first time,
O Lord..

[The context of Subhanallah - Glory be to God - here is that the poet/singer is praising God for making his beloved so beautiful.]

Meri khaamoshi se baatein chun lenaa
Unn ki Doree say taareefein bun lenaa

Kal nahee thee jo aaj lagtee hoon
Taareef meree hai khaamakhaa
Tohfaa hai teraa meri adaa

To pick up talks from my silence,
and weave praises from the thread (of these talks),
(as a result)
I today feel like what I was not until yesterday..
My praise is false..
My style is your gift (for praising me)..

Ek din kabhi jo khud ko pukaaray
Meri zubaan se tu zaraa, haye re
Tujh mein chhupee si jo shaayari hai
Tujh ko sunaaoon main zaraa, haye re
Ye do dilon kaa waasta waasta
Khul ke bataayaa jaaye naa

One day if you call yourself
from my tongue,
The poetry that is hidden in you,
I'll say that poetry to you..
This relation of two hearts,
cannot be said openly
[and so he'd be able to tell about it better with the help of poetry.]

* Taraashna means to chisel, the word is commonly used for jewels. However, the meaning that the lyricist seems to be taking here is to admire.


PearlMeet.Mobi said...

Lovely Song....!!!

Akshaya said...

Kabira Translation also please :) Both versions! :)

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Heartouching especially female voice.

Anonymous said...

it's just simply great.aisa lagta hai koi apne pyaar ka izhaar kar raha hai......if some1 undrstands d real meaning of d song then surely (s)he is a lover......u r in love...its a great my love...but fear to tell...plz give suggestions

Anonymous said...

i always heard him singing "ek din kabhi jo khud ko TALAASHE meri nazar se tu zara" like "if you SEARCH yourself one day from my sight/gaze"...

Unknown said...

Lovely song and wonderful music

Unknown said...

heart touching music and lovely lyrics

Anonymous said...

Adaa is a very "delicate" word in Urdu and in Hindi too in that matter. The word "style" as its translation... - u know, it sort of ruins the pure meaning of the song. But i guess, there's no other word that can come in its place, so...
I love the song and the translation. too!
Its my fave and its meaning has been presented beautifully!

Ajay said...

Tholinja paattuu...

Unknown said...

Love this song ❤

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