Mun Tu Shudam Tu Man Shudi Lyrics Translation Raanjhnaa Raanjhanaa

Movie: Raanjhnaa/ Raanjhanaa/ Ranjhna
Music: A. R. Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singers: A. R. Rahman, Rabbi Shergill
Label: Sony Music

Tu Mun Shudi, the song is based on the first four lines taken from Amir Khusro's Sufi Kalaam, and were written in Persian. Other than the deep lines of the beginning, the lyrics of the entire songs are lovely, and especially the last para where the protagonist talks about a free world.

Too mun shudee tu mun shudi
Mun tu shudam tu mun shudee

You have become me, you have become me
I have become you, you have become me

Rangle rangeele ne ladkey badey, haan..
rahn dey hawaawaan dee godi te chadhhey

The boys are vibrant and happy hearted
We ride high on the horses of wind

Hai niddar dil daa safar
Ho niddar dil de hamsafar
Raj key humsey wafayein lenaa
Taazaa hawaayein lenaa

The journey of heart is fearless
Oh the companion of the heart, be fearless
Take faithfulness from us
Take fresh air from us

Terey layee hum chaand khareedengey
Haan, banglaa naa dengey
Par chain ko laadengey
Sab aundey saanu ahoje kartab ni

We shall buy the moon for you
We won't give you a bungalow
But we will bring peace
We are familiar with such ways

Tadpe kyun tu, ainvai talab se
Naino se pee, yaa tu pee lab se
Par naa tu jhoothaa pyar kari
Yaar dari Rab se

Why do you agonize with craving just like that,
Drink with the eyes, or with lips..
But don't love for fake..
O friend, have fear of God..

Changee saugaatein
Hain sachchee mulaqaatein
Mohabbaton ki baatein
Bol dil ye dilbar kab se

Nice gifts
true meetings are,
(and) Talks of love are..
Say O heart, since when is s/he a beloved..

Haan dil ke kisse mein
Jo din hai hisse mein
Laaye jaayenge, paaye jaayenge laayenge
Woh dil se..
Hata de fikrein
Bhula de fikrein
Jala de fikrein

In the story of heart,
whatever days are there in your share (in your fate)
They'll be brought, they'll be had,
s/he'll get them (to you) from the heart..
Remove the worries,
forget the worries,
burn the worries..

Yaaraa sang aa aa jahaan khwaabon ka doonga
Jis mein hogaa sab zindaa
Sheher bhi dil ke maanindaa
Khul kar saansein legaa baashindaa

Come O beloved, I'll give you the world of dreams,
Where everything will be living..
Even the city will be like heart itself,
One will breathe freely (there)..

[as in, one will be completely free there.]


Anonymous said...

What about the other lines in the song??You have only translated half of the lyrics!Pls translate the remaining.

Anonymous said...

beaitiful song with beautiful meaning

Anonymous said...

please upload other lines...

Anonymous said...

Which language is this??

Unknown said...

super inspirational song....bhaag bhaag.....

Anonymous said...

Useless song..itni badboo kyon failayee ki tazaa hawa chahiye

Unknown said...

Song for hardworkers!!
Chase your dreams !!
Neve give up!

Aftab Ansari said...

Loved it

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