Bas Tum Tak Lyrics Translation (Raanjhnaa/ Raanjhanaa/ Raanjhana)

Movie: Raanjhanaa
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singers: Javed Ali, Keerthi Sagathia, Pooja AV
Label: Sony Music

Tum Tak is the first launched song from Dhanush-Sonam starrer Raanjhanaa. The song, penned by Irshad Kamil, has some poetic lyrics where a simple phrase 'tum tak' is used a number of times, in ways that to get different meanings from it. Check the translation for getting the meaning.

Meri har manmaanee bas tum tak
Baatein bachkaani bas tum tak
Meri nazar deewaani bas tum tak
Tum tak, tum tak, tum tak, soneyaa..

Each of my insistence is limited to just you,
all my childish behavior is limited to just you,
My mad sight looks just till you,
till you, till you alone, O beautiful..

Tum tak tum tak arzee meree
Phir teree jo marzee meree
Har dushwaaree bas tum tak
Tum tak, tum tak, tum tak, tum tak
Meri ishq khumaaree bas tum tak..

My request (goes) till you only,
Then whatever you wish, I shall follow too,
All my problems are till (I reach) you
[as in, once I get you, all my problems will be over]
The intoxication of love for me is till you only..

ik-Tak ik-Tak, naa tak.. gum sum
Naazuk Naazuk dil se hum tum..
Tum.. tum tum tum tum..

Don't stare at me with such a focused gaze
We're both with fragile hearts,
me and you.. you, you, you, you..

Tum tak chalaa hoon tum tak
Chaloonga tum tak
Milaa hoon tum tak
Miloonga tum tak

I have walked till you,
I shall walk till you..
I have met you,
I shall meet just you..

Meri akal deewaani tum tak
Meri sakal jawaani tum tak
Meri khatam kahaani tum tak
Meri khatam kahaani bas tum tak

My mad mind (can think) till you only,
My whole youth is limited to you only..
My story ends in you,
My story ends in you alone..


Akshaya said...

The full song is now available, please translate that too :)

Anonymous said...

Could u translate the full song

Anonymous said...

Could u translate Raanjhnaa hua mein tera song .
Coz its revolving in my head since few days .
I would love to knw it meaningfully <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Missed so many lines :( Full song please!

Rahul said...

simply marvellous.... especially from a movie where d hero has so very unorthodox looks for a bollywood actor but,wait ...u will forget that as d story moves on beautifully crafted on screen by the tanu weds manu(another interesting flick)director n acted upon by same guy.. Dis movie belongs to him only( heard he was d youngest recipient of the natiuonal award for the best actor down south) ... Dhanush with his simplistic looks,so very expressive face n true act oozes life in his onscreen character.. With his earthly charm,he truly has carved out a niche for himself.. Anand saheb has succeeded once again in portraying hamar UP in such beautiful colours,capturing the mood n bylanes of the people of banaras with gr8 detail.. Complemented by the so very fresh zoya n beautiful(sonam) who is seems like is going to dethrone d ladies at the top!!! Look for the murli(dhanush's friend in all weathers),his sis who truly adores the local lad n not 2 4 get abhay( d deol who can act)... In all d director has managed to bring out the potential in every actor.. Worth mentioning r the dialogues(himanshu sharma) which will both make u laugh n give something to think about,kudos man.... n d soulful hummable music in the background by d mozart from chennai ... worth a 2nd watch, meaningful no-nonsense one sided love story....4get YJHD, here is dhanush with his superlative earnest act. go watch it

Unknown said...

watever yu guyz say our kolaveri boy rocked thrugh out the film by giving his best. Once again he provd 2 b a best performer

Anonymous said...

Mukhde Pe Naina Daale...
Keeping Your eyes on my face
Naino Ki Dhaank Le Ja, Naino Ki Naiyya
Take the glow from my eyes and also the boat from (of) my eyes
Patwaar Tu Hai Meri, Tu Khevaiyya
You are my paddle (rudder/oar) and also the boatman
Jaana Hai Paar Tere, Tu Hi Bhanwar Hai
You are the storm which I have to cross
Pahunchegi Paar Kaise, Naazuk Si Naiyya
How will this delicate boat cross and reach the shore?

Anonymous said...

Please translate full song
nd da remaining songs of the movie also

Anonymous said...

Beautiful song bas tum tak.......

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