Dhoom Machale Lyrics Translation [Dhoom 3]

Movie: Dhoom 3
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Sameer
Singer: Aditi Singh Sharma

Dhoom Dhoom, Sar chadhi hai
Dhoom Dhoom, Bekhudi hai
Dhoom Dhoom, is mein gum ho ja
One minute...

Dhoom Dhoom, is on the head,
Dhoom Dhoom, it's an intoxication..
Dhoom Dhoom, get lost in this..

Dhoom Dhoom, khalbali hai
Dhoom Dhoom, har gali hai
Dhoom Dhoom, is mein tu kho ja

Dhoom Dhoom, it's a bustle,
Dhoom Dhoom, it's there in every street,
Dhoom Dhoom, get lost in it..

Dhoom nashaa hai, dhoom junoon hai
Dhoom hai hulchul, dhoom sukoon hai
Aaj tu sab kuchh bula ke jhoom
Dhoom Macha le..

Dhoom is intoxication, dhoom is passion,
dhoom is commotion, dhoom is peace,
Come, forget everything and dance in it,
Create an uproar..

We rock it, we roll it
So come on you people

Dhoom Machale, Dhoom Machale..
Dhoom Machale, Dhoom Machale..
Dhoom Machale, Dhoom Machale, Dhoom..

[Dhoom means an uproar, dhoom macha le means create an uproar. Detailed meaning HERE.

Dhoom Dhoom, jism-o-jaan mein
Dhoom Dhoom, ho jahaan mein
Dhoom Dhoom, josh wo bhar ja

Let's Go!

Dhoom Dhoom, in body and soul,
Dhoom Dhoom, be there in the world,
Dhoom Dhoom, fill me with such a zeal.

Dhoom Dhoom, Har zubaan pe
Dhoom Dhoom, Zikr tera
Dhoom Dhoom, aisa kuchh kar ja

Dhoom Dhoom, on every tongue,
Dhoom Dhoom, there be your name,
Dhoom Dhoom, do something like that..

[To get meaning out of this paragraph, you leave the 'dhoom dhoom' part, and it becomes 'do something, so that every tongue, there is your name'. But in the one before this, you include the first two dhoom-dhooms to get a meaning. There be an uproar (dhoom) in body, and soul, and uproar in the whole world, such a zeal, you fill in me.]

Dhoom sharara, dhoom ishara
Dhoom o yaara, dhoom dobaara
Aaja dil se dil mila ke jhoom..

dhoom is a fireball, dhoom is a sign,
Dhoom O dear, is here again,
Come, meet the heart with heart and dance..

Dhoom Machaa le..
We rock it, we roll it
You ready to party!

Dhoom Machale, Dhoom Machale..
Dhoom Machale, Dhoom Machale..
Dhoom Machale, Dhoom Machale Dhoom..

Kar na fikar tu kal ki
Lutf le aaj ka
Zindagi hai bas do pal ki
Ek ek pal chura
Jee bhar ke jee le, jee le
Gham dhuyein mein uda
Dhoom macha macha macha...

Don't worry for tomorrow.
Enjoy today..
The life is just two moments,
Steal moments one by one from it..
Live to the content of your heart,
Blow all the sorrows in smoke,
Create an uproar.. make a noise.. make, make, make..

It's time now for a big big DHOOM!

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Anonymous said...

DHOOM meaning not this 'create an uproar' it means to do something in a DIFFERENT WAY like a world record.

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