Tu hi Junoon Tu hi Karaar Lyrics Translation [Dhoom 3]

Movie: Dhoom 3
Music: Pritam Chakraborty
Singer: Mohit Chauhan
Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Translated by: Harshit Gupta

Tu chharahari dhoop hai
Tu karaari shaam
Dil kahe barbaad ho jaaun
le ke tera naam

You're slender sunlight,
you're crispy evening,
The heart wishes that I destroy myself
with your name on my lips..

Tu jale to din chadhe
Tu bujhe to raat
Dil kare kurbaan karoon
Tujh pe apni jaan

When you rise, the day begins,
when you're extinguished, it's night.
The heart says that I should sacrifice
my life on you..

Tu hi junoon, Tu hi karaar
Tu hi junoon, Tu hi karaar

You're the passion, and you're the peace too..

Taare saare ke saare
Thagne lage hain ab mujhe
Din mein sapne dikhaane
Lagne lage hain ab mujhe

All the stars have begun to cheat me..
They have begun to show me dreams during the days..

Tu bandhi zanjeer hai
Tu kasakti heer
Dil kare tere liye
Rakh doon dil ko cheer

You're a tied chain,
and you're the aching lover..
The heart wishes that for you,
I rip my heart apart..

Tu thirakta teer hai
Do dhaari talwar
Dil kare hanste hue
Le loon tere waar

You're the dancing arrow,
the double edged sword,
The heart wishes that I take
all your attacks with a smile..

Tu hi junoon, Tu hi karaar
Tu hi junoon, Tu hi karaar

Aasmaan siyaah ghulne laga sa hai
Baadlon ka dil khulne laga sa hai
Tu mila khila din, raat dhal gayi
Daag chaand ka dhulne laga sa hai
Likh diya dil ki kalam se tumhara naam
Baandh ke taaveez main pehnoon subaho shaam

The dark sky has begun to dissolve,
the heart of clouds has begun to open,
When you met, the day blossomed, the night ended..
The spot in the moon has begun to get washed (and the moon is clearer)
I have written your name with the heart's pen.
Now I wear it day and night as a talisman..

Tu jale to din chadhe
Tu bujhe to raat
Dil kare kurbaan karoon
Tujh pe apni jaan

Tu hi junoon, Tu hi karaar
Tu hi junoon, Tu hi karaar....


Unknown said...

Probably the best song from Dhoom 3. It just sounds much more up beat and flows better than the others.

Anonymous said...

I have not heard the song but after your awesome translation now i will heard it and i am sure it will also hit like other dhoom 3 songs.

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Unknown said...

A lovely song, I'm sure the visuals are suberb, I love all the songs of Dhoom 3, this just grows on u.

Unknown said...

I love this song. I'm sure the visuals are going to be superb! All the songs of Dhoom 3 are wonderful, Tu hi junoon, just grows on u! I'm in love with Aamir Khan! I can't wait to see it on the big screen.

Anonymous said...

I love it so much I have it's ringtone bcoz I love it I'm so obsessed over dhoom 3 I love malang too it's amazing ALL THE SONGS AND THE MOVIE

Anonymous said...

It's just amazing very amazing

Amaze gal said...

I love this song and malang very much I quite enjoyed the movie it was very unique and amazing

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