Ghoom Gayi Lyrics Translation | Hawa Hawai - Sunidhi Chauhan

Movie: Hawaa Hawaai
Music: Hitesh Sonik
Lyrics: Amole Gupte
Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan

Ghoom.. Ghoom..

Turn, turn..

[Ghoomna is a very common term which literally means to move or roam, but gives many different meanings as per the context and the words used with it (just like common English words like come and go would). Ghoom gayi could mean 'not understand anything' or turn around, or as we see here, turn over.]

Ghoom gayi.. re ghoom gayi
Ghoom gayi.. re ghoom gayi

Turned around, it turned around.
Turned around, it turned around.

Ghoom gayi.. re ghoom gai
Arre ghoom gayi
Duniya apni apne hi sar pe haan.. re haan..

Turned over.
The world turned over its own head. Yes.

Arre jhoom gayi.. re jhoom gayi..
Arre jhoom gayi
Duniya apni apne hi pair pe haan.. re haan..

Danced, it danced.
The world danced on its own leg..

Chaabi ko tu aise ghuma le ghuma le.. haan
Raftaar mein phir main aur tu tezi kamaa lein haan..
Din mein taare main dikhaoon
khazaane ko chun ke La..aa..aa..aaoon

Turn the key around such, turn it,
that you and I get more speed..
Let me show you stars in the day..
Let me get the treasure (for you)..

Ghoom gayee.. re ghoom gayee
Arre ghoom gai..
Duniya apni apne hi sar pe haan.. re haan..

Sapnon ko thodee si hava kya di
Wo ud gaye haan.. haan haan..
Apno ko thodi si wafa kya di
Wo jud gaye haan.. haan haan..

As we gave the dreams a little support,
they flew away..
As we gave a little love to our dear ones,
they got attached (to us)..

Din mein taare main dikhaaoon
Khazaane ko chun ke La..aa..aa..aaoon

Ghoom gayi.. re ghoom gayi..

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