Daiyya Maiyya Lyrics Translation | Kill Dil

Movie: Kill Dil
Music: Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singers: Udit Narayan, Shankar Mahadevan, Rasika Chandrashekhar, Jaaved Jaffrey
Label: Yashraj Music

In this fun song, the two people seem to be fighting verbally, trying to put the other down, resulting in quite nonsensical and funny lyrics.

Kaash tu pujari hota
Aarti utari hoti
Kafi rezgaari hoti teri thaali me

I wish you were a priest
If you had were formed an aarti
there would be a lot of change in your plate

kaash tu bhikhari hota
Cash ka byopaari hota
KauDi na udhari hoti teri pyaali mein

I wish you were begger
You were a dealer of cash
There wouldn't be any money in your bowl

Haath zara sa garam karo
Bhai maal rakho kuch aage
Ghee ho na bhai, ghee ho na bhai
Thook se chhonk na laage

Heat up my hand a little (give me some money)
Keep some money in front of me
There should be some ghee
One cannot spice it up with spit..

Haaye daiyya re, daiyya re
Daiyya, dayya, daiya..
Mori maiyya re, maiyya re
Maiyya, maiyya, maiyya

O God, O God, O God, god..
My mother, O mother, O mother, mother..

Abey patjhad neeche to utar
Rasta pakad ja ja ja bhai
Agra ja bhai, apne yaar to aise hain
Taj khareedne nikle hain
Aur jeb mein chhutte paise hain
Abey saanp ke bil zara door se mil
Abey bijli ke bill aise kaanp na hil

O autumn come down
go your own way
go to Agra, our friends are like that
They have come to buy the Taj
And in the pocket, they have just change
Oh snake's hole, keep some distance
o electricity bill, do not shiver..

ka ka ka kill kill, da d da dil dil
ka ka ka kill kill, da d da dil dil
Kill kill, dil dil
ka ka ka kill kill, da d da dil dil

Ho sajna mat mat mat ban baawra
Is dil ka dil dil hi aasra
Chhod-chhaad ke sab dekh bhaal ke
Dil ki naukri kar le
Chhed-chhaad ke sab chhod chhaad ke
Dard ki tokri bhar le..

O beloved, don't act mad,
There is just this heart's support that is there..
Leave everything else, look at things,
and take this heart's employment..
Check everything, and leave everything,
to fill the basket of pain..

dard mein jee le, dard mein mar le
Ab ke zindagi chakh le..

Live in pain, die in pain,
Now taste the life (i.e. pain is life.)

Haaye daiyya re, dayya re
Daiyya, daiyya, daia..
Mori mayya re, mayya re
Maiyya, maiya, maia..

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