Hai Teri Meherbani Lyrics Translation | The Shaukeens

Movie: The Shaukeens
Music: Arko Pravo Mukherjee
Lyrics: Arko Pravo Mukherjee
Singer: Jubin Nautiyal
Label: Zee Music Company

In this light romantic song, the protagonist simply says that his beloved there is everything good, while he himself is nothing compared to her, and has improved because of her.

Hai saaz tu, tera tarz main
Tu hai dawa aur marz main
Dildaar tu.. khudgarz main
Hai geet tu, tere lafz main
Tu hai duaa aur farz main
Aazad tu aur karz main

you are a musical instrument, i am your rhythm
you are the medicine and i am the disease
you are hearty one (you are helpful to people), i am selfish
you are a song, i am the words
you are a wish and i am the duty
you are free and i am loan, (or loaned, maybe, the word helps more to rhyme here.)

Hai shaam tu, taareef main
Tu chain hai, takleef main
Tujhse mila to paa liya har cheez main
Hai khwab tu taabeer main
Maana tujhe taqdeer main
Tera hua is bheed mein, is bheed mein

you are the peace i am the problem
when i met you I found everything
you are the dream, I'm the meaning of the dream
I considered you my destiny
In this crowd, i became yours

Hai teri meherbani
ki andheron se hum muqar gaye
Hai teri meherbani
ki bin jaane hi hum sanwar gaye

It is your favour that i am against darkness
it is your favour
that without knowing I improved

Hai tu hi to ahde wafa
Tu baarish meri, savera mera
Main tera hum-raasta
Hai kashti teri kinara mera

You alone are the beloved,
you are my rain, my morning..
I am your copassenger,
It's your boat that is my shore..

Hai Teri Meherbani
Ki andheron se hum muqar gaye
Hai teri meherbaani
Ki bin jaane hi hum sanwar gaye


Unknown said...

I love this song!!!

Uday Rawat said...

Ahed-e-wafa - thread of trust

Vanshika Kapoor said...

Mein kutti hoon...

-Vanshika Kapoor

Anonymous said...

Tum kutti kyun ho....dare mila tha kya ... Hahaha ��������������

Unknown said...

Nice song

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

My favorite song ❤

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