Paaji tussi such a Pussycat Lyrics Translation | Happy Ending

Movie: Happy Ending
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: Amitabh Bhattacharya, Jigar Saraiya, Divya Kumar
Label: Eros Music

This is a fun song where the singer is telling someone that he is such a hopeless person, and he should get up and do something good.

Lambi-lambi badi haanke
Ain mauke pe saala fus
Bad luck ne diya tohfaa
Khol ke ho gaya khush..

He always boasts of big things,
but at the last moment (when he is supposed to do something really), he fails.
Bad luck gave (him) a gift,
he opened it and was happy (to get the gift of bad luck)

Apni barbaadi ka
Siren sun ke bhi
Besharam poochhe
What is that.. that that?

Even when he listens to the siren
of his own ruin,
the shameless guy asks
what is that, that that...

Paaji tussi such a Pussycat
Ulla da patha total spoiled brat
Ainvayi karda rehnda jin nu chat
Oh paaji tussi such a pussycat

Oh brother, you're such a pussycat
An idiot, totally spoiled brat..
just like that you keep chatting,
Oh brother, you're such a pussycat..

Kya jaane teri kundali mein
Kaun se grah ki hai dashaa
Aa ke apne hi chakravyooh mein he he he
Beta abhimanyu tu phansaa

Who knows what bad sign is there
in your horoscope..
O Abhimanyu, you have come and got trapped
in your own trap..

[Abhimanyu was a character of Mahabharata who got trapped in a Chakravyuh, a military formation.]

Chaar foot ki chhori
De gayi re googly
Tu khada pakde apni bat bat bat

A little girl (four feet high is an exaggerated way to say that)
tricked you (Googly is a tricky ball in Cricket)
and you are holding your bat...

Paaji tussi such a Pussy-cat

Big budget tere saare sapne
Haath mein lolipop hai
Par hakeekat ki theatron mein
Teri saari filmein flop hain..

All your dreams are big budget,
and there is just a lollipop in your hand, (means you have nothing)
But in the theatres of reality,
all your films are flop..

Flop ki khaTiya mein
Flat kyun leTa hai
Mard ban, beTa uTh ke baiTh baiTh baiTh

On the cot of flop,
why are you lying down flat?
Be a man, son, get up, sit up..

Paaji tussi such a Pussycat

Paaji.. Paaji.. Paaji.. [Paaji/Praji is Punjabi for elder brother.]

Paaji tussi such a Pussycat


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