Nuvvunte naa jathaga lyrics and translation | I (2014)

Movie: I (2014)
Song name: Nuvvunte Naa jathaga
Cast: Chiyan Vikram, Amy jackson
Music: A.R.Rahman
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Director: Shankar
Singers: Sid sriram, Chinmayi K Sreepada
Language: Telugu

Peelche chirugaalini nilipestha
Paare nadhini aavirichestha
Nenunna nelantha maayam chestha
Lene ledhe avasaram
Nuvve naaku priya varame

I would stop the breeze
I would make the flowing rivers still ( I would vapourize them)
I would make this earth vanish
I don't need any of those
You're all that I need.

Nuvvunte naa jathaga Nenunta Oopiriga
Nuvvunte naa jathaga Nenunta Oopiriga
Nuvvunte naa jathaga Nenunta Oopiriga
Nuvvunte naa jathaga Nenunta Oopiriga
Nuvvunte naa jathaga Nenunta Oopiriga

If you're with me, I would stay alive
If you're with me, I would take the form of breath

Nuvvaina nammavuga cheliya nenevarantu 
Yevaru gurthincharuga naa premavu nuvvantu
Nee kosam ee lokam bahumaanam chesestha
Nuvu leni lokam lo nannu nene bali chestha
Nuvvunte naa jathaga

If I say/explain who I'm, you wouldn't understand
No one knows that you're the love of my life
If you ask for it, I would get you the world (at your feet)
In a world without you, I would kill myself
If you're with me

Premaku ardham yedhantye ninnu nanne choopistha
Addosthe aa premaina naa chethulatho narikestha
Soodhi dhaaram saayatho kurulu meesam kuttestha
Neellanu dhaache kobbarila, gundelalo ninnu kappestha
Aggi pulla anchuna Roja pooyuna?
Puvvullona theni purugulakandhuna?
Musali thagili mogganai molicha
Bochi choosina paapanai bedhira

If I were asked what true love is?
I would show us (as proof)
If it were the very love that is against us
I would find love and kill it
I would stitch your hair and my moustache with a needle
Like how a coconut saves water in it,
I would save you in my heart
Would a rose grow on a match stick's stem/pedicle?
Would flowers give away honey if an insect asks for it? (No they wouldn't, they would give only to honeybees)
I've blossomed into a flower with a touch of crocodile
I got scared like a girl who saw a ghost.

Nuvvunte naa jathga | Repeat |

Nuvvu leni lokam lo ne brathakalene
Nuvvunte naa jathaga

I wouldn't stay/live in a world without you!
If you're with me..!!!


Unknown said...

Genie is a feral child

Anonymous said...

it's " o ruchine choosina paapanai bedhira"

like A child experiencing new tastes (flavor?) for the first time

ex: kids tasting lemon

Kay Dee said...

Amazing song. Wish i knew Telugu. Thanks for the lyrics and the meaning.

Anonymous said...

O genie? I think it is "boochine choosina" Our parents used to scare us by telling there is a boochi out there be careful.

Anonymous said...

It's "boochine chusina papanai bedhira"
Boochi means ghost.

Anonymous said...

Super song. i felt sad when i watched this video.

Unknown said...

Wow!!! What a lyrics chandrabose gaaru meku hats off. and Rahman sir thanks for giving such a adorable music for us really great sir , there is no words to say just wow!! Wow!! Wow!!! Wow!!!!!

Anonymous said...

nuvvunte na jathaga
nenu unta oopiriga love u darling

Unknown said...

Its a gud album with a few memorable tracks forever.... we ll b waiting 4 rehaman sir songs aftr honeymade yem maaya cheesaave n i...... we ll here u soon with our heart sir...

Anonymous said...

its veeche chirugaalini velivesta

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