Chhoone Chali Aasmaan Lyrics Translation | Margarita With a Straw

Movie: Margarita With a Straw
Music: Joi Barua
Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi
Singer: Rachel Verghese
Label: Zee Music Company

baadal mohalla gali baarishon ki
khiDki khuli hai nayi khwaahishon ki
Taap Tup Taap meri chhat pe saawan
beheti meri kashtiyaan
pair ke angoothe se paani chhuaa hai
ThanDa saa jaadu mujh pe hua hai
chap chup chaap chheenTa chheenTa magan
ret pe naye nishaan,
ow, oww, chhoone chali aasman
chhoone chali aasmaan
samandar ke seene se uth ke leher
chhoone chali aasmaan..

clouds, neighbourhood, the street of rains,
the window of new wishes is open,
the rainy season plays on my terrace,
my boats are in the flowing water..
I have touched the water with my big toe,
a cold magic has affected me..
quietly, every drop, every blob, is merry..
there are new signs on the sand,
it’s going to touch the sky..
the wave rises from the chest of the sea,
and goes to touch the sky..

khanakti hansee ke liye muTThi mein sikke
din o masti* kahin bhi na bike
khan khana khan khanke saara badan
tarannum mein saara jahaan..

ow, oww, choone chali asmaan
choone chali aasman
samandar ke seene se uth ke leher
chhoone chali aasmaan

with the coins of jingling laugh in the fist,
a day full of joy isn’t sold anywhere*,
the whole body jingles jingly-jingle..
the whole world is in a melody,

honTh mere muD ke muskurahaTen bana gaye
aks mere chhoot ke saath mere aa gaye
apne sang chal rahi hoon main
karvatein badal rahi hoon main

my lips curled and made smiles,
my images from the mirror, have broken and come with me..
I am walking with myself now,
I am turning and twisting..

ow, oww, choone chali aasman
choone chali aasman
samandar ke seene se uthake laher
choone chali choone chali
choone chali aasman.

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