Ye Kya Kiya Sylvia Lyrics Translation | Bombay Velvet

Movie: Bombay Velvet
Music: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: Neeti Mohan
Label: Zee Music Company

jhooThe mooThe vaade wafaaon ke gina ke
apne deewane ko tu chhoD gayi, chhoD gayi
ye kya kiya sylvia, ye kya kiya sylvia

making him count the false promises of love,
you left your crazy lover, you left him,
what did you do, Sylvia? What did you do there, Sylvia?

ek bhanwre se nain laDa ke
apne piya ka dil toD gayi, toD gayi
ye kya kiya sylvia, ye kyun kiya

having your eyes met with those of a bumblebee,
you broke your beloved’s heart, you broke it,
what did you do, Sylvia? What did you do there, Sylvia?

sachche jazbaat ki kadar nahi haaye
tujhe kisi ghair ki chhuan sada bhaaye
zamaana de duhaai, kaahe wo phir khaayi
jin kasmon se munh moD gayi, moD gayi
ye kya kiya sylvia, ye kya kiya sylvia..

alas! there is no value of true sentiments,
you always like the touch of someone else..
the world warns you, then why did you take those oaths,
from which you turned away, you turned away..
what did you do there, Sylvia? What did you do?

bhanwra tha sayaana, muqar hi gaya na
ruswaai reh gayi, ruswaayi
ghonsla suhaana ujaD hi gaya na
tanhaai reh gayi, tanhaayi
aankhon ke surme ko daag banaaya
kaanch ke ashiyaan ko phoonk jalaya
fitrat mein teri thi bewafaai
tu pyaar pe tohmat chhoD gayi

the bumblebee was intelligent, he declined (your offer) right,
there remained just disgrace..
the beautiful nest finally got ruined, right?
there remained just loneliness..
you turned the eye kohl into a stain,
you burned off the glass house,
there was infidelity in your nature,
you left a false accusation on love…

ye kya kiya Sylvia,
ye kya kiya Sylvia
yeh kya kiya Sylvia!

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