Hayi hayi lyrics and translation | Dohchay (2015)

Movie: Dohchay/ Dhochey (2015)
Music: Sunny M.R
Director: Sudheer
Cast:Naga chaithanya, Kriti sanon
Singers: Shalmali Kholgade, Arijit Singh

Padhaalu dhorakanattu palukulevo palakanattu undhi guttu, vippanattu
Yedaari dhaarilona Nuvvu naaku dhorikinattu, dhaahamantha theerchi nattu
Padhaalu jaaluvaaruna? Ee reyi thellavaaruna? Sumaaru lekka thelina naa prema pogu chesi Neeku ivvana?
Haayi haayi ga unna mukku sooti maatalanni okkasaari kallugappi thappu chesi  vellipova
Sootigaane ninnu choosi thappukone thappukodhe prema!

It's like I ran out of words, It's like I've never uttered any word.
It's mysterious and isn't getting revealed
It's like I've found you in a desert and you've exhilarated/quenched my thirst
Would words be enough to describe?
Would this night turn into a day?
If I get any idea, I would array my love and submit to you my highness
All these nice and funny words might do turn into mischievous/naughty words
My love would never step back! 

Ninna kanesina kalalu ventaadi kotthavantu tharumuthunte
Ninnu choopinchina reppa veyyaleka akkade ne chikkukunna
Nanne nu maarchake ala x 3
ee reyi maayalo ila!

Haayi Haayi | Repeat |

The same dream that I've dreamt yesterday pursuits me daily as if it were new ( I dream the same thing/ dream of you daily )
Though I've shown you to them, I'm stuck at the very moment
Don't metamorphose/transform me
In the magic of this intoxicating night!

Kaalam inkontha sepila neetho saagamandhi ila
Kaalam inkontha sepila laali jola paaduthundhi koththa paatala!

Haayi Haayi | Repeat |

Time has asked me to be with you for a while
Time is soothing me with a song


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