Tujhse Juda Judaa Hua Lyrics Translation | Ishqedariyaan

Movie: Ishqedarriyaan
Music: Jaidev Kumar
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: Arijit Singh
Music Label: Zee Music Company

aansuon ne nazar mein jagah banayi
zindagi ka hissa bani tanhaai
poori ho ke bhi poori na ho saki duaa

tears have made their place in my eyes,
and loneliness has become a part of my life,
even though it was fulfilled, my wish could never be fulfilled.

tujhse juda judaa hua main juda hua
mujhse khafa khafa yahaan mera khuda hua

I became separated from you, I did get separated.
my Lord became angry with me..

qareeb se guzar gaya
kyun mujh ko tanhaa kar gaya
khaali khaali dil mein ek dard aisa bhar gaya
jiski kehte hain duniya mein koi nahi dawaa..

(you) passed by me,
why did (you) make me all alone,
such a pain was filled in the empty heart,
whose cure, they say, is not there in the entire world.

tujhse juda judaa hua, main juda hua
mujhse khafa khafa yahan mera khuda hua

bewajah safar mein tha
pal do pal nazar mein tha
khamakha bhatak gaya
achchha bhala dil ghar mein tha
kaise bin tere hogi ye zindagi bata..

for no reason, I was in a journey,
for a moment or so, I was in (your) eyes..
then, without a reason, it got lost,
when the heart was at home..
tell me how my life would be without you..

tujhse juda juda huaa, main juda huaa
mujhse khafa khafa yahan mera khuda hua


deliza said...

I fall in love with this song from the first time i listen it.. Awesome... Luv ur voice...

deliza said...

I never know bout Indian singer before.. but since i knw u, i fall in love with ur voice.. n this song make me more love love ur voice.. awesome..

Unknown said...

i loved this song from the first time i heard it, despite not knowing what it meant. Arijit singh voice breaks the language barrier and makes a song worth listening to. Awesome voice man.

Pollet said...

This sons says alot and it's so beautiful carries so much

Unknown said...

Simply superb...

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