Chal Chaliye Lyrics Translation | A Flying Jatt

Movie: A Flying Jatt
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Sachin Sanghvi, Priya Saraiya
Singer: Tanishkaa Sanghvi
Music Label: Zee Music Company

From the little girl who sang LaaDki on Coke Studio almost a year ago, Tanishkaa seems to have grown up in confidence too, and though her voice is still the cute kid voice, the fact that she is trying a bit of a Punjabi flavor in her song now tells you she's probably going to be more than just an occasional occurrence in her dad's music. Here is the latest track, probably her second full song after LaaDki, (the one in ABCD featured many others, and in Hero, she was just backing).

chal chaliye chaliye sapne vich
sapne vich vasda apnaa jahaan
rang saare wakhre ho jahaan
phoolon se jo hai sajaa

come, let's go to the dreams.
in dreams only our world lives.
where all the colors shine,
which is adorned with flowers.

main taan uD jaavan haa..
main taan uD jaavan…
pankh laga ke main uD jaavan
pankh laga ke uDD jaavan..

I'll fly, oh, I'll fly.
I'll attach wings, and fly.

chal chaliye, chaliye sapne vich
sapne vich vasda apna jahaan

mann ho darpan sa jo
sach jisme basta ho
paata hai rab ko wo yahaan ho..
kal ki parchhai wo
jisme achchhaai ho
jeetega wohi ye jahaan

the heart that is like a mirror,
in which truth lives there,
that only gets God here.
that shadow of tomorrow,
which is full of goodness,
he only will win this world..

ho pankh laga ke main uD jaavan
pankh laga ke uD javaan..

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