Ali Ali Alizeh Lyrics Translation | Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Movie: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singers: Pritam, Arijit Singh, Ash King, Shashwat Singh
Label: Sony Music India

pyaar maine to nibhaya
tere rehte, tere saath bhi
sach kahoon to, tujhse zyada
chaaha tujhko, tere baad bhi

I have done my share in love,
even when you were there, when we were together.
To tell you the truth, I loved you
more than you did yourself, even after you left.

main dard hoon
tu dava hai na
main aag hoon
tu hawa hai na

I am the pain,
you are the cure, aren't you..
I'm the fire,
and you are the wind (that gives rise to fire)...

Ali, Ali, Ali, Alizeh
Ali, Ali, Ali, Alizeh
kahaan hai tu
mere dil mein hai na
Ali, Ali, Ali, Alizeh
Ali, Ali, Ali, Alizeh
tera hoon main
tujhe yaad hai na

Ali, Ali, Ali, Alizeh
(Alizeh is the girl's name here)
where are you?
You're there in my heart, right?
Ali, Ali, Ali, Alizeh
I'm yours,
you remember, don't you?

sooraj Dhale to lagta hai jaise
kaandhe pe mere sar hai tera
mera Thikaana chaahe jahaan ho
yaadon mein meri ghar hai tera

When the su goes down, it feels like
your head is there on my shoulder..
wherever be my stay,
in my memories, your home is there.

main hoon jahaan, tu wahaan hai na
main aag hoon, tu hawa hai na

Wherever I am, you are there, aren't you?
I'm the fire, and you are the wind, right?

Ali, Ali, Ali, Alizay
kahaan hai tu
mere dil mein hai na
Ali, Ali, Ali, Alizey
tera hoon main
tujhe yaad hai na

in the darkness, you help me find a spark
the sweetest soul with the kindest heart
if only you could see you the way I do
you see the sunshine and it’s beautiful

yeah, and all you have to do is smile
I'll give anything to be there just to see you now
today with you in the warmth of summer's night
and watch the moon and the stars come to life
can’t begin to explain just what you did for me
yeah there was something in the energy
close my eyes I still feel you
that’s how I know you still think of me

I cried a thousand times for you
walked a million miles for you
you ain’t still there to see
you've been living without me..

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