Royi Royi Hain Aankhein Lyrics Translation | Saansein

Movie: Saansein
Music: Vivek Kar
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: Shibani Sur
Music Label: T-Series

saansein meri tanha si chalein
hain dhaRkan se kai faasle

my breaths seem to be lonely,
and there are many differences with the heartbeat.

ye zameen aasmaan mere hain kahaan
khushiyon se door hai mera jahaan
royi royi hain aankhein royi
dard ye mera, naa jaane koi

these earth and sky aren't mine,
my world is far from happiness.
my eyes are crying,
no one knows my pain..

zara zara dil mera
Dara Dara sa lage hai
thami thami zindagi
ruke ruke raaste hain
soona soona lage re mann
kaisi ye uljhan

my heart seems to be
a little afraid,
my life seems stopped,
and my paths are blocked too.
the heart seems empty,
what a problem I'm in..

raahein hain benishaan
jaaun main kahaan
rooTha hai safar
jaaun main kahaan

my paths don't have a clue
as to which way I should go
the journey is angry with me
where should I go?

royi royi hain aankhen royi
dard ye mera, naa jaane koi

hawa hawa mein kaheen
dhuaan dhuaan sa uRe hai
dikhe mujhe raat hi
nazar jahaan bhi muRe hai
tanhaai ka hai bas gham
koi nahi humdum

in the air, somewhere,
there is smoke flying.
wherever my sight turns,
I see night only.
there is only the sorrow of loneliness,
and no friend..

chaahoon main kise
ae dil tu bata
hai kaun meraa
ae dil tu bataa

how do I love,
tell me, O heart,
who is mine,
tell me, O heart..

royi, royi hain aankhein royi
dard ye mera, naa jaane koi

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