Idiot Hai Mera Banna Lyrics Translation | Dangal

Movie: Dangal
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: Nooran Sisters
Label: Zee Music Company

Banna is a word traditionally used for a guy getting married or just married, and the same is used here by the woman who's gotten married and realizing that her husband is a madcap.

main nayi naveli aayi
main nayi naveli aayi
sharmayi re, ghabrayi re
main nayi naveli aayi
main nayi naveli aayi

I was a new bride,
I was a new bride..
I was shy, I was afraid,
I was a new bride...

saaton ajoobon se ajoobi ye joRi
palle paRi main jaake kiske nigoRi
gift mein jaise mil jaave
langoor ko heera panna
idiot hai mera banna
idiot hai mera banna...

this couple is stranger than the seven wonders,
with whom I am stuck now..
like some ape gets jewels as a gift.
my husband is an idiot..

main boli banna manne kulla kara de
jaake bazaar se daatoon laa de
ye jaake daatun ke badle
khet se laaya ganna
idiot! haan idiot..

I said, O hubby, help me brush my teeth,
get me a cleaning twig from the market..
but instead of the twig,
he got a sugar cane from the fields.
Idiot.. yeah, Idiot..

idiot hai mera banna
idiot hai mera banna

mera nau DaanDi ka baajNa
ji mera nau DaanDi ka baajNa
mere susre ne diye gaRhvaye
jhanajhan jhanajhan
jhanajhan baaje baajNa
ji mera nau DaanDi ka baajNa hoye..

My jewellery is long,
my father-in-law got this made for me,
it clinks and clanks,
my jewellery is long..

[baajNa or beejNa seems to be a jewellery, which I'm not exactly able to find much detail about. However, mera nau DaanDi ka beejNa is a famous Haryanvi song too.]

main boli banna manne picture dikha de
balcony ki do Tho TickeT kaTa de

I said O hubby get me to see a movie,
get us two seats of balcony..

yoon to saara ke saara theatre tha khali
banne ne ek ticket hi nikali..
bola ke interval tak dekhle tu
haan bola ke interval tak dekh le tu
interval ke aage ki main dekh loonga
ek ticket se kaam chale to do leke kya karna

as such the entire theatre was empty,
but my husband just got one ticket..
and said, "you watch till the interval,
and I'll see post-interval.
what's the need of two when we can both see with one ticket."

idiot.. ho idiot..
idiot hai mera banna
idiot hai mera banna

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