Ik Vaari Aa Lyrics Translation | Raabta

Movie: Raabta
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: Arijit Singh
Music Label: T-Series

Raabta means a connection or relation. For more, check http://www.bollymeaning.com/2012/02/rabta-raabta-meaning.html.

ik vaari aa bhi ja yaara
ik vaari aa...
raah takoon main bechaara
ik vaari aa...

come once, O beloved,
come once.
poor I, wait for you,
come once.

Dhal rahi shaam hai
dil tere naam hai
iski aadat bani hai teri yaariyaan

the evening is about to end (as night arrives)
and this heart of mine is yours.
your companionship has become its habit.

chaand hoon main, tu hai taara
ik vaari aa
ik vaari aa bhi ja yaara
ik vaari aa...

I am the moon, you are a star,
come once.

ye ishq ki intehaa
lene lagi imtihaan
had se guzarne lagi hain meri chaahatein

this peak of love,
is testing me,
my love is crossing limits.

dhaRkan ki betaabiyaan
karne lagi iltejaa
lag ja gale se zaraa to milein raahatein

the eagerness of the heartbeats
is requesting you,
if you come and embrace me, I'll get peace.

bas tujhe chaahna
ik yehi kaam hai
kaam aane lagi saari bekaariyaan

to love you,
that's my only work.
all my joblessness is useful now.

uspe samaa bhi hai pyaara
ik vaari aa
ik vaari aa bhi ja yaara
ik vaari aa...

and on top of that, even the weather is lovely,
come, come once, O beloved.

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