Bachpan Song Lyrics Translation | Ayushmann Khurrana/ Toffee

Short Film: Toffee
Music: Abhinav Bansal
Lyrics: Abhinav Bansal
Singer: Ayushmann Khurrana
Label: Eros Music

thaki hai nahin ye aankhein
seene mein bachi hain saansein
rokegi ye kitna zindagi

these eyes have not gotten tired,
there are breaths still there in the chest,
how much will this life stop me.

dabi hui thi kone mein
chhipi hui thi sapne mein
simTe hue thhe, ab nahi, ab nahi.

(Life) was there in the corner,
it was hidden in a dream,
I was shrunk. Not now, not anymore.

sajaaun bachpan aisa
kaanTe bhi hon to kya
banaaun main kal aisa
jale saari duniya ye re

let me adorn a childhood,
that even if there are thorns, there is no worry.
I'll make a tomorrow,
that the whole world is envious.

kami thi jo mujh mein kab se
mila na jo mujhko rab se
lakeeron mein bandh ke.. ab nahi, ab nahi

what was missing in me for a long time,
what I didn't get from God,
I'll not now remain tied by my lines of fate.

chheenTe jo paRe hain kal ke
miTenge usi pe chal ke
rokegi ye kitna zindagi

the drops of tomorrow that have fallen on me,
I'll die walking on that (path, to achieve that dream) only,
how much can life stop me.

seekhenge gir gir ke..
taaron se bhi to kya
banaaun main kal aisa,
jale saari duniya ye re

I'll learn by falling,
even if (I fall) from the stars.
I'll make a tomorrow,
that the whole world is envious.

dabi thi, chhipi thi
roye the, khoye thhe, raaton mein

(Life) was suppressed, hidden,
I had cried, lost myself, in nights.

jhukein na, rukein na,
DhoonRhein na manzil ko haathon mein
manzil ko haathon mein...

let's not bow down, not stop,
not look for the destination in our hands
(that is, not search for it in fate, but try to achieve the destination we want.)

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