Nainowale ne Lyrics Translation | Padmaavat (2018)

Movie: Padmaavat (Earlier Padmavati)
Music: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Lyrics: Siddharth-Garima
Singer: Neeti Mohan
Music Label: T-Series

nainowale ne chheRa man kaa pyaala
chhalkaayi madhushaalaa
mera chain rain nain apne saath le gaya

the one with beautiful eyes
disturbed the cup of the heart,
made the tavern spill,
and he took away my peace, nights, eyes...
(that is I'm not able to sleep peacefully anymore)

nainowale ne, ahaa!
nainowale ne,
naino waale ne chheRa mann ka pyala
chhalkai madhushala
mera chain rain nain apne saath le gaya

pag pag Doloon re... ho,
pag pag Doloon re Dagmag si main chalti
hoon jagmag lau si jalti
tere naino ki kaisi madiraa

I dance with every step I take,
I walk as if swaying,
I have turned bright like a burning flame
how's this liquor of your eyes...

thar-thar kaanpoon re tere teer se chhipti
chandan pe naag si lipTi
main behosh tu nashaa
aisi moh ki dashaa
mere chain rain nain apne saath le gaya

I shiver badly, hiding from your (eyes') arrows,
I'm (clinging to you) like some snake clinging to a sandal tree,
I'm intoxicated and you're my intoxicant.

nainowale ne, aaha!
nainowale ne,
nainowale ne chheRa man ka pyaala
chhalkaayi madhushala
mera chain rain nain apne saath le gaya

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Anonymous said...

What language is this? Only parts of it sound like Hindi. I know the soundtrack has songs in four different languages: Rajistani, Arabic, Hindi and Urdu; but I can't figure out which one this is.

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