Binte Dil Lyrics Translation | Padmaavat

Movie: Padmaavat (2018)
Music: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Lyrics: A M Turaz
Singer: Arijit Singh
Music Label: T-Series

Based on the picturization, I believe the song is asking Alauddin to forget that beloved who is away at the moment, and to enjoy the one who is there.

binte dil misriya mein

the girl of heart is in Egypt.

pesh hai kul shabaab
khidmat-e-aali janaab
aatish-kada adaaon se
aatish-kada adaaon se
jal uThega aapke
deeda-e-tar ka hijaab

(hence), presented is all this beauty
in the service of your greatness.
(in short, all this beauty is there in your service.)
with these ever-burning (flirtatious) gestures,
the veil of your tearful eyes
will be burned.
(that is, you'll forget all your sorrow under the effect of my beauty.)

bint-e dil misriya mein
bint-e dil misriya mein…

maikash labon pe aane lagi hai
pyaasi kurbatein
hairatzada Thikaane lagi hain
saari furqatein

thirsty intimacies have started knocking at
the liquor-drinking lips,
and all the astonished separations
have gone away.

(that is, the feeling of separation from the beloved is gone and he's enjoying himself now.)

aarizon pe mere likh zara
rif'atein chaahaton ka sila...

write on my cheeks,
progresses, and the results of love.

[Aariz means a cheek, but it also means something/someone who tries to stop you. So I believe it can also be read as 'write the story of my progresses on those that try to stop me'.]

binte dil misriya mein
binte dil misriya mein

pesh hai kul shabaab
khidmat-e-aali janaab

aatish-kada adaaon se
aatish-kada adaaon se
jal uThegaa aapke
deeda-e-tar ka hijaab

binte dil misriya mein
binte dil misriya mein...


Eknath...! said...

Very nicely sung by Arjit singh....
Ecstatic voice and composition.....hats off

Unknown said...

thx for lyrics

Ujjwal Sharma said...

That's amazing . You have given all the instances and I like it very much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the detailed translation - and interpretation.

Unknown said...

Nice lyrics and very well explained. Thanks

Imroz Noor said...

Amazingly written and yes I appreciate the translation too.

Mayur Chauhan Aka Michael said...

Thank you for the translation:)

Unknown said...

thirsty troubles is wrong..

thirsty nearness is right.

Harshit Gupta said...

Ah. That was a strange mistake. Thanks for the correction.

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