Oye Hitchki Lyrics Translation | Hichki Title Song

Movie: Hichki (2018)
Music: Jasleen Royal
Lyrics: Jaideep Sahni
Singer: Harshdeep Kaur
Label: YRF Music

oye hichki, oye hichki

O hiccup, O hiccup.

saansein to chalti hain
par koi galti hai
koi laage hichki
koi laage hichki

The breaths are going on,
but there is some issue.
It seems like there is a hiccup.

do tole dilwaali
do maashe zid wali
koi laage hichki
koi laage hichki

a little hearty,
a little pushy,
there is a hiccup.

[tola and masha are old, small units which were used to weigh jewelery before adoption of the metric system.]

oye hichki, oye hichki

hichki hich...

thaame se na thamni rangni rangni
roke se na rukni rangni rangni
zid ki chunariya rangni
rang rang rang ke saaji
saaji ye hichki
shehnaai man se
baaji ye hichki

it doesn't get stopped,
it doesn't get stopped even on trying.
it colors the scarf of stubbornness.
it's colored and adorned. this hiccup.
it's like a oboe of the heart playing, this hiccup.

dum hichki, hum hichkee
tum hichki, hum hichkee
oye hichki, oye hichkee
oye hichki, oye hichkee

this breath is a hiccup, we're a hiccup,
you're a hiccup, I'm a hiccup.
Oh hiccup, Oh, hiccup.

koi laage hichki...

dum hichki, oye hichkey
oye hichki, oye hichkey
dum hichki, hum hichkey
tum hichki, hum hichkey

oye hichki, oye hichkee.

hichki hich...

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