Raat Yoon Dil Mein Teri Lyrics Translation | Daas Dev (2018)

Movie: Daas Dev (2018)
Music: Sandesh Shandilya
Lyrics: Faiz Ahmad 'Faiz'
Singer: Papon, Shradha Mishra
Label: Zee Music Company

This song of Daas Dev is made up of two different (to the best of my knowledge) poems (or I could say, long couplets) of Faiz Ahmad Faiz. The first one begins at raat yoon, and goes till qaraar aa jaaye. The second one begins at tanhaayi mein, and goes till gardan-e-mahtaab mein baahein. At the end of the song, the two couplets have been joined quite beautifully. Here though, the lines aren't repeated for the sake of simplicity of understanding.

Faiz's poetry has also been used by Vishal Bhardwaj in Haider's gulon mein and aaj ke naam.

raat yoon dil mein teri
khoyi hui yaad aayi
jaise veeraane mein chupke se
bahaar aa jaaye

last night, your lost memory
came back to my heart,
as if there is a spring
in a barren land.

jaise sahraaon mein haule se chale
jaise beemaar ko be-vajah
qaraar aa jaaye

as if the morning breeze
slowly flows in some desert,
as if some sick person suddenly
gets a relief, without reason.

tanhaayee mein kyaa kyaa na
tujhe yaad kiyaa hai
kyaa kyaa na dil-e-zaar ne
DhoonDhee hain panaahein

how much I have remembered you in loneliness,
how much has the poor afflicted heart looked for refuge.

aankhon se lagaayaa hai kabhee dast-e-sabaa ko
Daalee hain kabhee gardan-e-mahtaab mein baahein

sometimes I have touched the hand of the breeze with my hand,
and sometimes put my arms around the neck of the moon.

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