Bachche ki Jaan Loge Kya Lyrics Translation | 102 Not Out

Movie: 102 Not Out
Music: Salim-Sulaiman
Lyrics: Hiral Brahmbhatt
Singer: Arijit Singh
Label: Saregama Music

kaisi ye halchal
kaisa bhoochaal hai
saansein phooli hain aur
ye dil behaal hai

what's this stir,
what kind of earthquake it is?
I'm out of breath,
and the heart is in a bad condition.

dhaRkan ruk jaaye na ye
Dar lagta hai mujhe
phansta hi jaata hoon
ye aisa jaal hai

I'm afraid,
that this heartbeat shouldn't stop.
I keep getting trapped,
what kind of a net it is.

aankhon pe paTTi baandh ke
mere sar pe nishaana loge kya

will you try to take an aim
over my head while blindfolded?

bachche ki jaan loge kya
ow bachche ki jaan loge kya
o o ow bachche ki jaan loge kya
bachche ki jaan loge kya

will you take the life out of this kid (me)?

['bachche ki jaan loge' is a popular phrase which literally means 'will you kill the kid?' but actually means something on the lines of 'this is too much for me', as the person saying this is comparing self to kid.]

uRta hi jaa rahaa ye
chehre ka rang hai
baRhti betaabiyaan aur
maamla tang hai

the color of the face
is just fading away,
the restlessness is increasing,
and it's a tough scenario.

bachna mumkin nahi sab
koshish bekaar hai

it's not possible to dodge,
every try is useless.

aisa kyun lag raha hai
jaise koi jung hai
pairon se chheen lee zameen
ab uspe lagaan loge kya

why does it feel like
it's some war?
you have taken the earth from below my feet,
now will you tax that land too?

bachche ki jaan loge kya
oh, bachche ki jaan loge kya
o o oh, bachche ki jaan loge kya
bachche ki jaan loge kya

dil ki banzar zameen pe phool kaise khile
sehra mein baarishon ki boond kaise mile

how'd a flower blossom on the infertile land of the heart,
how'd one find a drop of rains in the desert?

ehsaason ki kabhi nahi hoti hai umar
is baat se bhi tum bhala kyun ho bekhabar
haan main nadaan hoon na mujhko kuch khabar
phir mujhpe manmaani karte ho kyun magar
mujhpe talwaar taan ke mera imtehaan loge kya

feelings never get old,
why are you unaware of that?
I'm naive, I have no idea,
but then why do you do whatever you wish with me?
will you test me by holding a sword over me?

bachche ki jaan loge kya
ow o o bachche ki jaan loge kya
aye ee ee bachche ki jaan loge kya
bachche ki jaan loge kya

la la la...

yaadon ki titliyan jo itni sambhaali hain
ye jo uR jaayein to dil poora khaali hai
naye pal ko khul ke aaj tu jee le to zara
kabhi yoon bewajah bhi tu khulke muskura haan

the butterflies of memory that I have controlled so much,
if they fly away, the heart is all empty.
live the new moment openly today,
sometime smile freely without reason, too.

sookha sookha sa hoon
na hoon shaukeen main
thoRa sa sangeen bhi hoon
na hoon rangeen main
meri neendein uRaa ke
khud chain ki saansein loge kya

I'm kinda dry, and not a lively person.
I'm a little serious too, not a colorful one.
taking my sleep away, will you breathe peacefully?

bachche ki jaan loge kya
o o bachche ki jaan loge kya
oooh bachche ki jaan loge kya
bachche ki jaan loge kya
loge kya?

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