Ghar Se Nikalte Hi Lyrics Translation | Papa Kehte Hain (1996)

Movie: Papa Kehte Hain (1996)
Music: Rajesh Roshan
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Singer: Udit Narayan
Music Label: T-Series

ghar se nikalte hi,
kuch door chalte hi
raste mein hai uska ghar
kal subah dekha to
baal banaati wo
khiRki mein aayi nazar

just outside my house,
after a small walk,
on the way, her house is there.
yesterday morning,
I saw her from her window,
she was combing her hair.

maasoom chehraa,
neechi nigaahen
bholi si laRki, bholi adaayein
na apsaraa hai, na vo pari hai
lekin ye uski jaadugari hai
deewaana kar de vo,
ek rang bhar de vo
sharma ke dekhe jidhar

an innocent face,
and bowed eyes,
she's a simple girl with simple style.
she's not an angel or a fairy,
but it's her magic,
that she makes you crazy,
and fills colors,
in whichever direction she looks, shyly.

ghar se nikalte hi
kuchh door chalte hi
raste mein hai uska ghar

karta hoon uske ghar ke main phere
hansne lage hain ab dost mere
sach kah raha hoon, uski qasam hai
main phir bhi khush hoon, bas ek Gam hai
jise pyaar karta hoon,
main jispe marta hoon
usko nahin hai khabar

I keep loitering around her house.
Even my friends have started laughing at me now.
I'm telling you the truth, I swear on her.
But I'm happy, except for one sorrow,
that the one I love,
the one I'm ready to die for,
has no idea of it.

ghar se nikalte hi
kuchh door chalte hi
raste mein hai uska ghar

laRki hai jaise, koi paheli
kal jo mili mujhko uski saheli
maine kahaa, usko jaa ke ye kehna
achchha nahin hai, yoon door rehna
kal shaam nikle vo,
ghar se Tahalane ko
milnaa jo chaahe agar

This girl is like some riddle.
When I met a friend of hers yesterday,
I told her, to tell her,
that it's not good, to stay away like this.
that tomorrow evening
she could come out of the house for a walk,
if she wants to meet me.

ghar se nikalte hi
kuchh door chalte hi
raste mein hai uska ghar

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