Manwaa Ruaansa Lyrics Translation | October

Movie: October (2018)
Music: Shantanu Moitra
Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire
Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan
Label: Zee Music Company

Manwaa is a beautiful song of separation and sorrow. The music is simple, Swanand Kirkire has chosen very few, meaningful words, to get the emotions across, and Sunidhi Chauhan just brings her usual flawless singing.

manwaa roaansa
bekal hawaa sa
jalta jiyara
chubhti biraha
sajanwa aaja
naina ro ro thake

the heart is about to cry,
it's like some restless wind.
the heart burns,
the separation pierces,
come, O beloved,
the eyes are tired of crying now.

manwaa ruaansa...

dheeme dheeme chale, kaho na koi raat se
haule haule Dhale, kaho na mere chaand se

someone ask the night to move slowly,
someone ask my moon to set slowly.

soyi soyi ek kahaani rooThi khwaab se
jaagi jaagi aas sayaani, laRi saans se

a sleepy story is angry with the dream,
a matured hope has just awoken, and fought with the breaths.

saanware, saanwre,
yaad mein baaware
naina ro ro thake

O beloved, beloved,
these crazy eyes,
these eyes are tired crying.

manwaa roaansa
bekal hawaa sa
jalta jiyara, chubhti biraha
jalta jiyara, chubhti biraha
sajanwaa aaja
naina ro ro thake
sajanwaa aaja
naina ro ro thake

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