Dil Jaane Na Lyrics Translation | Dil Juunglee

Movie: Dil Juunglee
Music: Abhishek Arora
Lyrics: Abhiruchi Chand
Singers: Mohit Chauhan, Neeti Mohan
Label: Sony Music India

pehle bhi to haseen
mausam ye the sabhi
phir kyun lage...

earlier too,
the weathers were beautiful
but why didn't I feel so?

thoRi si thi kahin
inme koi kami
phir kyun lage...

there was a little something
missing from them.
why do I feel it now?

raste sang sang kaaTe thhe
jo lamhe aadhe baanTe thhe

we had passed through the paths together,
we had shared moment.

teri naadaaniyaan gustaakhiyaan
dil jaane na
kaisi bechainiyaan beimaaniyaan
dil jaane na

your childishness, your effrontaries,
the heart doesn't know.
how is this restlessness, this mischief,
the heart doesn't know.

kaisa ye asar ho rahaa
paas tu chal rahaa

what kind of effect is there on me,
as you are walking next to me.

haan, paagalon si harkatein
ye dil tujhe dekh ke kar raha
hmmm, tere bin achchhe the hum
khushiyaan theen na the Gam

the heart is acting like crazy
after seeing you,
I was better without you,
there were neither joys nor sorrows.

hua kyun haal aisa ye
ajab saath kaisa ye
jaane sawaal kaisa ye
dil jaane na..

why is this condition now,
the heart doesn't know.
what kind of question this is,
the heart doesn't know.

bhooli si wo dhun
ye dil mera kyun gaa rahaa
beeti jo baatein phir se kyun
ye dohra raha, dil jaane na...

why is my heart singing
that forgotten music,
why is it repeating past things,
this heart doesn't know.

dil jaane na aa.. dil jaane na aa...

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