Ye Khel Hai Sher Jawano Ka | IPL Anthem Lyrics Translation & Video

Song: Vivo IPL 2018 Anthem / Best vs Best
Music: Rajiv V Bhalla
Singer: Siddharth Basrur

ye khel hai sher jawaanon ka
albelon ka mastaanon ka
is khel ka yaaron
is khel ka yaaron kya kehna

it's a game of lion-hearted youth,
of the unique, of the fun ones,
what to say about this game...
(i.e. it's fantastic.)

duniya ke naami sher yahaan
dikhein aise jalwe aur kahaan
har jung yahaan pe,
har jung yahaan pe mushkil hai.
dha-dha-dhak dhaRkela,
dha-dha-dhak dhaRkela wo dil hai

all the well-known lions (players) are here in this,
where else do you see such splendor.
every fight here is a tough one,
every heart is beating hard here.

yahaan koi na jaane kya hoga
koi rustam kaheen chhupaa hoga
jo baRe baRon ko lalkaarega
aur aa ke baazi maarega

no one knows what is going to happen here,
some underdog may be hiding somewhere here,
who'd challenge the biggest of the big,
and win it all.

is trophy ka na koi saani hai
duniya is ki deewaani hai
har cup se baRe hain,
har cup se baRe iske kisse
kabhi aaye hamaare bhi hisse.

there is no trophy comparable to this,
the world is crazy about it.
the stories of this cup are bigger than those of all others,
We hope we win it sometime, too.

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Mahakaalbhakt said...

Yeah win it CHENNAI lions

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