Bahe Naina Bhare Naina (Ra.One) Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Ra.One
Music: Vishal-Shekhar
Singer: Nandini Srikar

na bole mose mohan kyun
hain roothe roothe mohan kyun
kaise manaun haye
kaise manaun..

why doesn't my beloved (like Lord Krishna) speak to me,
why is my beloved angry with me,
how do I console him..
how do I..

un bin kate na raina
un bin aave na ik pal chaina
un bin jiyoon to kaise main jiyoon haye
bahe naina bhare more naina jhare more naina
mue naina sune nahi kehna bhare more naina

without him my nights don't pass
without him there is no peace for a moment
without him how do I live..
my eyes flow, my eyes are filled (with tears), my eyes pour,
these damned eyes don't listen to me and get filled (with tears)..

nainam chhindanti shastrani
nainam dahati pavakah
na chainam kledayantapo
na shoshayati marutah

Weapon cannot harm the soul,
fire cannot burn it,
water cannot wet the soul
and the wind cannot make it dry..

naino ke dwaare aane ke vaade
baandhe aise bolo kaahe
chaukhat pe dil ki, aahat rakhi hai
taakon pe hai tore saaye

the promises to come at the door of eyes,
why did you make? (i.e. why did u say u'd come?)
on the door of heart, the sound of your footsteps is there,
and on the shelves (of heart) there are your images..

un bin unhe manaye
un bin kabhi jo unko rijhaye
un bin chhale hai mora ye jiya haye..

(even) without him it placates him,
(even) without him it tries to cajole him,
without him my heart cheats me..

bahe naina bhare more naina jhare more naina
mue naina sune nahi kehna bhare more naina

komal badi hai saansan ki dori
roothan se bhi toot jaaye
baavan tarah se jee ko manaya
khoje ajahun tori raahein

the string of breaths (i.e. life) is too delicate,
it breaks even if someone gets angry,
I consoled my heart in fifty two ways (i.e., in many ways)
but today it searches for your footsteps only..

un bin unhe main paaun
un bin unhe main garva lagaun
un bin unhi mein more jee lage

(even) without him, I reach him,
(even) without him, I hug him,
(even) wihtout he being here, my heart is in him only..

bahe naina bhare more naina jhare more naina
mue naina sune nahi kehna bhare more naina


Ydntn said...

awesome song man...

Ydntn said...

Harshit, it is
bahe naina bhare more naina jhare more naina
mue naina sune nahi kehna bahe more naina

3rd last word is bahe and not bhare .. :)

imsha said...

This song with the lyrics and the music is sooo guddd..!!! thnx fo the explanation..:) :)

amit taya said...

its just rocking man

Anonymous said...

whattttttt aaaaaa songgggggg

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I Loved this song, now the song characterization seems even more breath taking... amazing

English Songs said...

Thank you for give this lyrics.. This is just the kind of information(Lyrics) that i had been looking for.., anyway you gives the excellent information to me...
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Anonymous said...

what does it say in the first 5 seconds? and love the song!!!

Anonymous said...

this song is really touchy and this

Anonymous said...

lovely and heart touchy this

Unknown said...

oh what a song it can be a song of praise...
and a also a song of sorrow...

i like the pain in the song but i just want a song like this...

my darling loves this song....

mm said...

heart touching!!
makes me feel the pain..sorrow it contains in it!!
excellent and brilliant singing ,music direction

Anonymous said...

Probably the best song from it♥

navya said...

thanks for making it sound more beautiful by givng its meaning..:)

Eelaaf Zaeem said...

this song really awesome

Jaya said...

Awesome song...nadkhula re

Anonymous said...

Thank buddy...............i lokking for english meaning that awsome as well as music......:)

Anonymous said...

wow wht a sng man..its so beautiful n heart touching..n lyric ws awesme..

Anonymous said...

One of the best one in recent times.

Anonymous said...

awsme song...i jus lovd it ..a hrt touching song wich i hav evr heard....dis song makes me to thnk f ma love whoz not mine

BEC said...

Love this song so much. Even though I don't know all the original words, the meaning is clear in the music and vocals, even without knowing the translation. Thank you for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these translations! I'm so glad I found this site. I like reading all the input in the comments to the posts, too.

Unknown said...

gud one

Unknown said...

wah wah

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know who wrote the lyrics ? Thank you.

Buxton56 said...

I'm Mexican and I love love love this song and the movie Ra-One!! I am going to learn Hindi so I don't have to watch with the subtitles

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My next piece of contemporary act...yeay!

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